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  1. New x1000 server is open!
  2. There is a poll on Bless Website now:
  3. x1000 does seem to sound good. When we will have a date for a new server - the news will be on the website.
  4. We don't have any current plans for any new MUX servers. We have transferred all characters to our https://mu.bless.gs/ru/ project. And it now has the same game version as MUX as well. If there is gonna be a new server it will be opened on MU Bless.
  5. Some servers are more russian-speaking than others. Empire server would be the most international:
  6. MU Bless in an international server. Especially Empire and Origin. Anyway merge if better that leave the server with 50 people playing.
  7. You need to download full client. https://mu.bless.gs/ru/index.php?page=files
  8. Полный клиент блесса.
  9. Да. Это ваш же аккаунт. При регистрации вы получаете аккаунт на всех наших серверах.
  10. Виртуальный банк переносится. Плавильня крафта переносится. Гильдии и банки гильдии не переносятся.
  11. Награды за рейтинги будут выданы в полном размере. Персонажи, которые находятся во временно бане переносятся. Насчет меча обратитесь в саппорт.
  12. Зачем вы храните вещи на персонажах? У вас 5 страниц банков и 100 слотов в виртуальном банке на сайте.
  13. Так поднимите их на Empire. В чем разница то?
  14. Зачем месяц? Для чего?
  15. Зачем нам избавляться от серверов? MUX рассчитан на 5 серверов которые могут работать одновременно.
  16. Долго не переносим - плохо. Переносим быстро - плохо. Вы определитесь. Игроки решили что нужно объединение - мы даем даем вам объединение.
  17. У меня нет такой кнопки. Есть только кнопка - двойные ачивки для тех у кого меньше 100.
  18. Ну начинается. Просили объединение, провели голосование - пожалуйста объединение. Все решено, все запущено.
  19. The time has come when the inhabitants of Luxor server go on a journey - Luxor server merges with Bless Empire server. Server Empire was launched in October 2020 and has has similar settings with Luxor server. At this moment Empire has 700 active players every day and more than 36 thousand created characters. Luxor players will be transferred to Empire. Your characters with items, resets bonuses and everything else will be moved safe and sound. The main thing is to make sure that your account has at least 1 character with resets. The merger will take place on December 22. Complete information about all the details of merging, instructions and recommendations are available here.
  20. Server Luxor is merging with server Bless Empire. Hereinafter: King = moving server, Empire = receiving server. Merging will happen as follows: Characters from server the moving server will be transferred to the receiving server. Only characters that have reached 1 reset will be transferred. In case if you don’t have any characters on your account that have reached 1 reset, then no actions of transferring for your account will take place. Up to 25 characters can be transferred, if you have enough free slots for them on your account. All free slots on the account can be filled with characters. Characters having the highest number of resets and levels on your account will be transferred first; others in the descending order as long as there are enough free slots for them. Along with the character all his items, inventory and Personal stored will be transferred. Resets, stats, experience, skills, quests, Zen, fruits, quest-stats and everything else connected to the character will be transferred. Account achievements are also transferred. In case you have achievements on both servers you will maintain the ones from the server where you have them more. Passwords will be transferred the same way as the achievements. You will maintain your password from the server where you have more completed achievements. Remaining VIP time is transferred as well. Bonuses and Cash Points will be transferred if their amount exceeds 10. Character conversion: Characters are transferred as they are without conversion. When transferring, the stats will be reset and the number of points will be issued in accordance with the reset and level. Contents of your game vaults will be transferred to your Virtual Vault. Contents of your virtual vaults and smelter will be transferred completely. - If a character from the moving server has the same nickname as a character on the receiving server, then the character from the moving server will have its name changed to "_servernameXXXX" where X sequence number, for example "_servername0048". During the next several weeks, free nickname change will be available for them. - If a player on the receiving server has no free slots for new characters, then to make room for the transfer, the character with the least amount of resets and levels will be deleted. If all characters are the same, then last one created will be deleted. Note, in this case, only one character will be transferred. - If you are playing on the receiving server, but you have characters on the moving server, then please take care of free slots for transferred characters, or keep in mind the likelihood of removing the weakest character. Referral connections will be transferred. Accounts and characters that are in a permanent ban will not be transferred. Guilds memberships and guilds themselves and guild vaults will not be transferred. Servers will be turned off on 22.12.2021 at 13:00, then the merging process will take place. Merged server will open the same day after ~23:00 if no problems arise, but a slight delay is likely. During the merging process login to the website will be closed. During the downtime, players will receive compensation for VIP time and Power Buff. Information presented here might be supplemented or amended.
  21. У нас из готовых систем функционал только до 100 есть, как на Экстриме.
  22. Now double achievements!
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