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  1. BeL4eNaK

    bug or game exploit

    Pressing CTRL when the game is minimized.
  2. BeL4eNaK

    Bug in Chaos Castle

    Doesn't work for me, anyone has a video how to create this bug?
  3. BeL4eNaK

    bug or game exploit

    Yeah, we should have fixed that, sort of.... will be fixed in the near future...
  4. New update is out! All players need to auto-update via Launcher. To get the auto-update, close the game, close the Launcher and start it again. If you have problems with an auto-update, you can manually download and install Patcher, it must be unpacked in the folder with the game client, replacing all of the suggested files. Ctrl key will now affect only active window of the game. So you won't be killing other players by accident when playing in multiple windows, or when the game is minimized.
  5. BeL4eNaK

    New project

    Well, I thought about something like that, but I believe that it would totally overflow Phobos economy with bonuses. Also deleting all the items is not our way... lifetime warranty so.... I'm afraid that we would have to keep Aurora online forever.
  6. BeL4eNaK

    New project

    Item are completely incompatible on the servers. Sets Wings 3-4 Lvl Pets
  7. BeL4eNaK

    Archangel stuff

  8. BeL4eNaK

    New project

    So? On average we open 2 servers a year. Currently there are no plans for the next one, so I can't say anything about that.
  9. BeL4eNaK

    Merging - Legion to Phobos

    You need to update your client. Check the news on the website.
  10. BeL4eNaK

    Merging - Legion to Phobos

    Merged server Phobos is now open! Welcome!
  11. BeL4eNaK

    New spots

    Losttower: 224 218 Poison Shadow 51 5 Death Knight 5 16 Death Knight Atlans: 175 17 Valkyrie 151 16 Great Bahamut 21 165 Silver Valkyrie 124 202 Lizard King Tarkan: 93 23 Bloody Wolf 47 234 Tantalos 12 195 Vim Knight Aida: 165 26 Death Tree 175 119 Blue Golem
  12. BeL4eNaK

    Zen economy improvements

    We continue to implement necessary adjustments in order to stimulate economy so Zen would always be in demand. Jewels of Bless, Soul, Life selling price reduced to 1kk. Item upgrade cost in Chaos Machine significantly increase. From 40kk for +10 upgrade, up to 240kk for +15 upgrade. 2 lvl Wing creation cost doubled from 25kk to 50kk. Fenrir creation cost increased from 10kk to 500kk. Feather of Condor creation cost is now 600kk, 3 lvl wings 1.2kkk. Red Dragon Zen drop decreased from 5kk to 3kk. Chaos Castle ticked price increase from 1kk to 10kk. HP, Mana Potion cost reduced from 3kk to 1.5kk. Players received 5 additional trade slots for Zen. Now by default you can trade 5 items for Zen and 5 items for Bonuses. Golden Scorpion numbers significantly increased. Ghost Warrior and Arachnoid numbers in Dungeon slightly increased. Devil Square now has Zen reward for the 4th place. In the near future it will be possible to buy additional Guild Buff points for Zen.
  13. BeL4eNaK

    Cash Shop Update

    Our Cash Shop got new items in store: Orb of Twisting SlashCrystal of DestructionScroll of Evil SpiritsScroll of Wizardry EnhanceCrystal of Multi-shotCrystal of RecoveryCrystal of Flame StrikeScroll of Gigantic StormScroll of Fire BurstScroll of Fire ScreamJewel of Life BundleJewel of HarmonyJewel of HarmonyJewel of GoldsmithDark HorseDark RavenBroken HornRing of WizardScroll of PowerScroll of DefenseStrange FoodGoblet of Mana Cost of Jewels: Bless, Soul, Life, Chaos was slightly decreased.
  14. BeL4eNaK

    Merging - Legion to Phobos

    Server Aurora restart at 22:00
  15. BeL4eNaK

    Merging - Legion to Phobos

    Server Aurora also well be restarted, ~120minutes downtime.