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  1. Yeap. Monsters there gonna be tougher thant in Silent Grounds, free pvp and Potion/Zen Drop from chars upon death.
  2. We'll do. Any more suggestions for how to make Arkania map better suited for player needs?
  3. There was a miscalculation with stat points for quests. We will try to fix it promtly.
  4. You will get a correct amount of stats after you make a tribute.
  5. Check your virtual vault on the web, all the items should be there.
  6. Use password restore function: https://mu.bless.gs/ru/index.php?page=fpass
  7. Put more points in Strenght. You must be able to wear your staff without your ancient set that gives you str.
  8. Automatic refunds for 95% and 80% are now availble on the website.
  9. Only chars with reset will be transfered. Do not put you items on chars without resets. If you upgraded your items on the website to +15, you probably would want to get a 95% refund. But don't refund your 4 wings, if they are +15 they will become full opt. 2.3 Mustangs are meh... I want 2013 5.0 Boss ))
  10. Bonuses return will work as usual service on the website. I will tell when 95% will be applied.
  11. Aurora players had all the items in the shop and they could get full refund for them and buy new items on Extreme. Also Aurora was much older that Phobos.
  12. Alright, so merge it us. I'm gonna make an announcement on the website. Merg will take place 14.09.
  13. So this are the conditions that we can offer. I've negotiated 40% of donated back instead of 25%. Character conversion and benefits: All stats will be reset, level will be set to 400. Stats will be restored to the correct amount after making a Reset or a Tribute. Players will receive 7 GRP for each Reset (215 Res = 1505 GRP) Players will receive 25 GRP for each Tribute (10 Tributes = 250 GRP) Full Brave Set +11 with 4 Excellent Options costs 1500 GRP (Grand Reset Points) in the GRP shop on server Extreme. Wings of Conqueror and Wings of Devil Angel that are upgraded to +15 will automatically get all 6 excellent options. Do not refund item upgrade on wings if you want them to get upgraded to Full Opt. Players will be able to refund 95% of bonuses from the items bought in the shop and from item level upgrades that made from your account. For items that were bought or upgraded from another account players will be able to refund 80% of bonuses. Players will automatically receive back 40% of Bonuses that they've donated in the last 2 years to server Phobos. If everyone is cool with the following conditions we will proceed further with the date and an official announcement.
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