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  1. BeL4eNaK

    [18.01.2020] - New weapons and shields

    New update is out! All players need to auto-update via Launcher. To get the auto-update, close the game, close the Launcher and start it again. If you have problems with an auto-update, you can manually download and install Patcher, it must be unpacked in the folder with the game client, replacing all of the suggested files. We have added 19 new weapons and shields for every class to the game. A complete list of all new items and their characteristics is available here. Each class received a new top-tier one-handed weapon and shield with exceptionally high stats requirements. Third class is also mandatory to wield those. Finally, knights, wizards and gladiators have decent two-handed weapons. Daggers have undergone changes, now they are available for all classes, they have high Agility requirements and a maximum damage spread of 1-XXX. And thanks to the new crossbow, the excellent bolts will finally become useful. All new items have been added to the in-game drop. Some of the existing items have been moved to the lower grade box, for example, Crimson Glory Shield now drops from Blue Ribbon Box instead of Green Mistery. Detailed information about all drops in the game is available here. Non exc. versions of top-tier weapons can be crafted on the website. All new items have been added to the lottery, some items from group 2 have move to group 3. Now in the second group there are 2 exclusive items for each class that cannot be bought in the shop on the website. Full information about the drop from the lottery is available here. No new items will be added to the shop on the website. Now you can upgrade arrows and bolts using Jewels of Goldsmith. Each upgrade level will increase output damage by 1%. Arrows from the lottery now will be already upgraded to +13. When upgrading to +14 and +15 additional options will appear: Enemy’s Defense Ignore Rate +1% and +2%. A problem when players did not receive boxes for Kanturu Domination Event has been fixed.  
  2. BeL4eNaK

    Server Maintenance

    Servers are online, information about the updates will be available later on the website.
  3. BeL4eNaK

    Physical / Wizardry

    Description fixed in today's update.
  4. BeL4eNaK

    Server Maintenance

    Today at 16:45 server maintenance will be conducted. Gaming worlds will be unavailable for ~14 minutes. You can already update your client - close the game and restart the launcher.
  5. BeL4eNaK

    2 chars stuck HEEELP

    There was a bugged update, now it's fixed in the latest update.
  6. BeL4eNaK

    Physical / Wizardry

    Golden Fenrir: Increase Physical Damage +40% - that's for everything except magic spells Increase Wizardry Damage +30% - that's only for Evil Spirits, Decay, Aqua Beam Etc. Increase Defense +40% Increase Life +5000 Increase Excellent Damage +250 As for the 4th Wings, there is actually a thing that is incorrect. Increase Wizardry Damage by: 72% - that will work for all types of damage, so the wings will be good for BMG as well. We'll fix the description in the next update.
  7. BeL4eNaK

    Website item management changes

    Changes will take in a couple of hours.
  8. Important changes on the item management on the website. Now, all operation with items should be carried out through your virtual vault. buying / selling items on the market buying items in the bonuses shop buying LBA boxes receiving Guild rewards receiving Endless Tower rewards opening Guild Tribute chests upgrading items / removing upgrades bonuses and refund for bought items For using all these services you no longer need to exit the game. Zen chest also moved to Virtual Vault.
  9. BeL4eNaK

    Additional options when upgrading items

    Exc, Non-Excellent, Ancient - the same bonuses.
  10. BeL4eNaK


    x5, same as Phobos
  11. BeL4eNaK


    Guild Tributes will be available from Monday, January 6th
  12. BeL4eNaK

    Website Item Craft System

    Costs updated: The cost to create a set part depends on the grade of the item, that you want to create: From: Zen kk = Grade * 0.4 + Cashpoints = Grade * 0.1 + Jewels = Grade * 0.05 for lower grades To: Zen kk = Grade * 2.0 + Cashpoints = Grade * 1.0 + Jewels = Grade * 0.50 for higher grade Minimal craft cost: 5kk Zen + Cashpoints + 1 Jewel Bronze Helm (Grade 16) = 6kk Zen + 5 Cashpoints + 1 Jewel Great Dragon Helm (Grade 104) = 83kk Zen + 52 Cashpoints + 28 Jewels Excellent Archangel weapon craft: Cost: 25kk + 25 Cashpoints + 10 Jewels Excellent Chaos weapons craft: Cost: 5kk + 5 Cashpoints + 5 Jewels
  13. BeL4eNaK

    Only English - What is That?

  14. BeL4eNaK

    [28.12.2019] - New item craft system

    It's fail-safe, so you wouldn't smelt an expensive item.
  15. BeL4eNaK

    [28.12.2019] - New item craft system

    We've already have figured that the cost formulas are too high, they will be lowered on Monday.