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  1. On Saturday I killed 7 Dragons during the invasion on Empire server with 1k online. Event duration is 5 minutes. Nevertheless, I agree that we probably should reduce number of dragons required to finish this achievement.
  2. BeL4eNaK


    When we will have a date - we will notify everyone.
  3. https://muxglobal.com/index.php?page=items&index=4154
  4. Simply standing on one place and waiting for their respawn was never the initial idea.
  5. New update is out! All players need to auto-update via Launcher. To get the auto-update, close the game, close the Launcher and start it again. If you have problems with an auto-update, you can manually download and install Patcher, it must be unpacked in the folder with the game client, replacing all of the suggested files. During the update, all game windows should be closed. New items added to the regular drop from monsters: Apprentice Wand, Yearning Wand, Devilwood Branch, Totem Dragon Wand, Sleepwalker, Void Shield, Obsidian Shield, Shield of Atlantis, Shield of Betrayal, Noble Shield. New item mixes in the Chaos Machine, which, by analogy with Dragonbone Blade, have their own unique options. When created, items retain all additional options and improvements of the original item, but there is a 30% chance that the item will lose from 1 to 3 upgrade levels. Dragon Crystal Staff - Increase Damage to Epic Bosses + 30% - increases damage to such bosses as: Death King, Nightmare, Erohim, Relics of Kundun, Great Dragon, Asteroth, Balgass, Queen of the Damned. Heaven's Divider - Every second comes without penalty - every time you kill someone there is a 50% chance that your PK status will not increase. Doombringer - First Strike Damage Damage + 10% - Increases the Magic Gladiator's trait when its first strike on a new target deals increased damage. All recipes and parameters for new items can be explored in our library . Elves can now transform their Exc. Wild Nature Bow at Exc. Wild Nature Crossbow. Chaos Machine Mix Recipe: Exc. Chaos Nature Bow + Jewel of Creation x30 + Wild Ring of Magic + Jewel Chaos. The cost of crafting is 500 kk Zen, the chance of success is 100%. When brewing, all options and item enchant are also saved. A new section of special crafts added to the craft system on the website. One item is created out of three, but it will require additional resources, such as expensive jewels and feathers. The chance of successful craft is 90% instead of the usual 50%. Dark Scale Set - created from parts of the Scale set. Each item has an additional option Reflect Damage + 1%. Antique Soul Set - created from parts of the Grand Soul set. Each item has an additional option: Max Mana Shield Absorb + 1%. With full set you will exceed the maximum absorbency of Mana Shield from 30% to 35%. And of course the old-school glow of the set from the 97th version, the oldies will understand. Non-Excellent versions of top weapons added to the craft system on the website: Obsidian Blade, Staff of Atlantis, Demon Hunter's Crossbow, Saber of Atlantis and Scepter of Atlantis. The formula for the SD Recovery skill for elves has been changed, the influence of the Mana parameter has been added, the new formula looks like this: SD Amount Recovered = Energy / 16 + Mana / 16. The amount of regenerated SD will also be affected by the percentage of Buff Power Rise from Wands. More adjustments to Red Dragon Invasion. The event now works like this: at the appointed time in the specified location, 15 red dragons appear in random locations throughout the map. If you kill these dragons, then after 30 seconds each killed dragon will appear again on the same map, but at new coordinates. The event lasts 5 minutes, while red dragons fly across the sky. The faster players hunt them, the greater the total amount of their respawns will be. Minimum points required to get access to Kanturu Arena on the Kanturu Domination event increased from 1000 to 2000. Updated anti-cheat, there should be less false bans for supposed jewel dupes in Chaos Machine.
  6. Or just add game folder to the exclusions.
  7. BeL4eNaK


    Please update your client:
  8. New client update is out. If your antivirus alerts you - please respond in this topic. To solve the problem please follow these actions > Allow on Device > Start Actions. There are no viruses in our client. Our anticheat is protected with VM protect packer and windows recognizes it as a threat. It's a common problem for any program.
  9. BeL4eNaK

    New craft

    Divine Staff of Archangel has the same recipe in Chaos Machine as a Dragon Staff of Archangel
  10. BeL4eNaK


    No macro-warinings for this char in anti-cheat logs detected. Actually the only guy who definitely used combo-clicker on Aurora was this guy: iron Anyway, if you don't use a lot com combos one after another the system won't detect anything.
  11. You can just kill the previous owners. Anyway, if they leave the game they will be automatically teleported outside.
  12. BeL4eNaK


    Hmm, weird. Changed the quest to Yeti's. Thanks for the feedback.
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