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  1. shadow


    @Weissmann @MZU before this shit both of you bother that dude all day long... you blackmailed him and promised him you wouldnt let him finish ba ach ? wtf do you have a kid brain ? what do you expect from him lol? now be happy you got your bk back , and dont act like a shit in game only because you buy all from shop !
  2. shadow


    fk off shit you blackmailed him , and you got a that armor for free and you say i am a snitch ! fk off!!!
  3. shadow


    @Weissmann it doesent matter if it was with the password or not ! according to the game rules , the buyer did not do anything wrong ! and you shouldnt get anything back !
  4. shadow


    @MZU try to not be so pathetic
  5. BK was returned to his owner. All people do mistakes and you lost not more than 10 bons. And if you will sabotage the process of return again or keep creating topics, regarding this char, all your accounts will receive ban, at least for a couple of weeks. @ Ivan Nebraska for what ? because i chat with you in game really ? or because i show you the server rules ? you can check ip or whatever you want , i had nothing to do with this shit !!! 1 st check the right person and then make acusation and treats with ban ...
  6. shadow


    The recovery of loss is not processed, if:1. If you gave access to your account to any third party.2. If someone deceived you in game while trading, didn’t gave you what you wanted, or didn’t gave enough.3. If you have been robbed, and safety mode was disabled.4. If someone deceived you at the web-market.5. If you planned to sell/buy something to a person, but someone else have bought it.6. If you gave your items for someone to use, but they haven't returned them.7. If you bought account with the e-mail, and then the previous owner of the e-mail recovered the password together with the game account.8. If you are trying to contact customer support by Skype in connection with loss, but there is no application at the forum. @Ivan Nebraska
  7. take one from me back =))
  8. bcuz I was on work and probably was not concentrated enough. omfg ... i havent t laughed so well for a long time :)))))))
  9. ha ha you try to sold for real money =)) lol nob
  10. shadow


    your math is bad to lol was post on 9 ss make on 6 :)) nob
  11. ok how about my cash points ? i need to clear pk somehow .... , and how about the players that know this shit and exploit it ? instead to report ?
  12. shadow


    lol who provoke who =)) calm dawn dude , i never say something about your family , so do the same
  13. shadow


    @MZU no problem i will ask @Adee she knows who and what you referred to
  14. shadow


    A_I've never seen so stupid in my life S_ al non-donors are noobs to you? A_ you licked others' asses for items, it's worse than donating s_ lol slave everything I have is made by me A_ the slave is the one who feeds you( expression referring to the mother)
  15. shadow


    1. my nickname : HannibaL2. The game server: x30 Aurora3. What is the point of the rules is broken: 4.6 4. Name the offender:Arogant 5. Prof: those who want to get into the mothers of others (those who want to fuck the mothers of others)
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