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  1. helllo i have this problem. i start this quest Part 1 (Certificate of Strength) and i have 3 pierces of Horn of hell mine. now i stay in icarus 4 hours and try drop the Feather of Phoenix and nothink..... WTF..... and Flame of Death Beam Knight drops from Death Beam Knight which can be found in Tarkan 2 but i have the same problem. why this quest its too hard ? and why dont drops the quest items ? can anyone helop me ?
  2. souezass


    ok we see tomorow. but believe me. its no fair all this. no for me but for new players. he has kill 5 days all the time. no one no 2. 5 days and i report him because its a KID. if pvp ok. but PK all the time. and why he go in vip server too pks people ?
  3. souezass


    Ba is pvp area. no for pk people.that its different ways. and on more. tell me the point for this. archer have vip + 81 reset. its normal too kill new players ? we need new players. we need peope too come and play . pfff
  4. souezass


    i dont have problem and i dont report anyone in this server cause the game its for fun and the server its PVP style . but this KID 5 days now coming in arena and kill anyone. abuse people all the time. all the time kill new players . and i hate this cause dont respect nothing. i post this cause today he pk all the time.
  5. souezass


    1. My Nick: EleosZwa 2. Server: Atlas x1000 3. Rules Violated: 4.1 4. Nick Offender: https://muxglobal.com/index.php?page=info&act=getchar&name=Archer&serv=server2 5. Abuse people at arena.
  6. souezass

    SparKy 4.9

    SpaRKSosuN can u tell the reason ? lol in this event i play with Sparky in the same team. some times with him in fight. u die and ? why report Sparky ? wtf..
  7. souezass

    SpaRKSosuN 4.2

    LOL.... wtf do u say... !!!!!!!!
  8. souezass


    1) EleosZwa (Elf ) 2) reset 33 3)Nationality Greece 4) Age - 37 5) Experience 12+ age i play for fun cause i dont have more time. work and family its my protection and we have and real life too.
  9. i have 12 . and after reset i lost all.... wtf
  10. souezass


    we play with booze some times with tequila
  11. souezass

    donate page

    for some reason paypal dont work for me. and in my country. i m from greece. capitals controls have my country .... i made in 3 forum posts and i see +500 people too come here. i like this server and i cant donate. i have Unique clicks: 475 now. all my post have 2k+ views. capitals controls have my country ....
  12. souezass

    donate page

    Payment say : Payment system was blocked for you. Dear User, The verification process we have in place is to combat fraudulent activity and to make sure there are no problems. We apologize for all the inconvenience this may have caused. ID: 01#82406417 Thank you, Paymentwall Team.
  13. souezass

    donate page

    hello . i will donate but for some reason i cant. Paymentwall don"t work for me. and another link UnitPay its only for rusian people. PayPal link all the time say this . We couldn't complete your purchase, because the card issuer declined the card MasterCard x-8639. We've chosen another payment method for you. Please continue with this payment method, or choose a different way to pay. and i use 3 mastercard and 1 visa. and all have problem.
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