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  1. Gothic

    4.2 Atlans 100x

    1. my nick GothicDL 2. server atlas x1000 3. Rules Violated: 4.2 4. nick Offender Grom 5. evidence
  2. Gothic


    Used 7tickets,all was jewels..
  3. Gothic


    hello im always getting error when trying to vote in xtremetop. We apologize. xtremetop100.com is experiencing technical difficulties, please try back later. thats only me? or its something wrong with xtremetop?
  4. 300on would be good for start
  5. Hello brother, im not from Latvia, but really close Lithuania
  6. You simple need yo buy ticket, you can do it in website, ticket costs 25 bonuses, then you can use it in game with command /lottery
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