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  1. Ai uitat sa o etichetezi pe matadaias muie(sa nu uiți sa traduci si asta)
  2. By creating a new acc on the forum and translating what i wrote you only prove how stupid you are! Instead of worryng about admins cause they don't do anithing for muxglobal and you play with few people you stay and translate what i wrote! Stupid whale if you want you can suck my dick!! Now you dont need to translate! You deserve to suck my dick
  3. Most likely it will open a new server, but not merge with a server. So those of you who put money in phobos, be prepared to put it in the new server, what the hell Christmas is coming for admins!
  4. Lets put each other of the remaining people 100euro and donate to the admins! Wtf you dont see that these admins have no interest in muxglobal? Aurora has been with few players for years an they have done nothing! We have a word in our country "ii doare in pula de ce scrieti voi aici" (muie adminilor) meritati!
  5. as you can see Cheloo have your items legal!question its how that relics had your items?you sure no one had your account
  6. to be serious,you don`t have to provoke him with ugly words!it`s enough to kill him constantly on the spot in BA!!no matter how calm someone is if someone keeps killing him at some point he will speak ugly!you should take the bann because you keep proboking him by killing him!
  7. The simplest is the put a delay on 5sec spells like on DL for example, and then they can no longer use macro.
  8. skila

    4.2 /4.7 DarkAngel2

    Anti!? Thats why GameOver need 1admin from guild, your are not fair-play!
  9. skila

    Forum Quest "Memory"

    -ice- / phobos 1- 12 3 - 23 4 -28 6 - 31 32 - 14 7 - 22 19 - 5 22 - 8
  10. skila

    Sell SM!

    Sold! Close please
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