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  1. Pinq

    Quest Luxor 21/12/2021

    1 Quest KadirC Parrot KadirC Command Mirotic 2 Quest Command Command NagaSiren DEMON Mirotic 3 Quest Parrot Mirotic Mirotic Parrot Parrot 50 Bonuses
  2. 21/12/2021 19:15 there will be ingame quests on Luxor Server! Everybody is welcome to participate. If there is any problem that I can't come, I would inform you guys in 2 hours advance. Last quests on Luxor before merge, the bonuses for the win would be doubled!!!
  3. Pinq

    Quest Luxor 16/12/2021

    1 Quest BlueDragon Parrot BulleT Himler Parrot 2 Quest Command CTMHTT Himler CTMHTT SanBoss 3 Quest sava sava CTMHTT Himler Parrot
  4. Pinq

    Quest Luxor 16/12/2021

    Quests are changed for tomorrow, sorry running late
  5. 16/12/2021 19:05 there will be ingame quests on Luxor Server! Everybody is welcome to participate. If there is any problem that I can't come, I would inform you guys in 2 hours advance.
  6. Julius 45 Bonuses Moorwen 45 Bonuses YakuzaELF 45 Bonuses Fors1k 45 Bonuses -Ev0kaT- 45 Bonuses 45 Bonuses
  7. Dear players! Here is this week's forum quest - "Treasure hunt", it tests the strength of your intuition. Every player is welcome to participate. Your task is simple: You have to get from start (green cell - A1) to finish (red cell - F6) without running into monster. Rules: 1. You can only move UP-DOWN-RIGHT-LEFT. 2. Finding monster on your way - GAMEOVER. 3. Finding treasure on your way - 20 bons each. 4. If you find treasure but then run into monster, you don't get any bons. 5. Number of moves is unlimited - you can make as many moves as you want. 6. Finishing maze (when you get to red cell F6) without running into monster - 25 bons. There are 4 hidden treasures and 6 hidden monsters. An example of an application for participation: Pinq | Luxor a1 - a2 - a3 - a4 - a5 - b5 - c5 - d5 - e5 - f5 - f6 -Moon- | Luxor a1 - b1 - c1 - c2 - c3 - c4 - c5 - c6 - d6 - e6 - f6  Results for this example (black line is Moon path, red path is Pinq): Pinq – Unfortunately you have been eaten by monster. -Moon- – You have won 25 Bon (reached the red cell) You got one chance, you don't need to create other multiple accounts or you would be disqualified. You need to provide us with your ingame name and server where you are playing. Quest ends Tuesday 14/12 at 19:00
  8. Pinq

    Forum Quest "Lucky Pair"

    -Xenomoprh 15 Bonuses Himler 15 Bonuses Malfyrion 25 Bonuses HrenOtkuda 15 Bonuses ReZero 15 Bonuses Fors1k 40 Bonuses 15 Bonuses 25 Bonuses 40 Bonuses
  9. Lucky Pair Quest ends 11.12 at 19:00 Dear players! Here is this week's forum quest - "Lucky Pair". Every player is welcome to participate. Rules: You need to guess the pair squares in which there will be the same monsters from MU online world for each correctly guessed pair you will get bonuses: 15, 25, 40 or 70(depends on which pair you would guess) You have 3 chances It is forbidden to edit your message, them would not be accepted. For multi-accounts - disqualification from the quest and RO. (This is how the pairs looks like, they will get changed) Pairs which cost 15 Bons (3 monsters with 6 cards): Elite Yeti - Balrog - Tantalos Pairs which cost 25 bonuses (4 monsters with 3 cards): Zaikan - Phoenix of Darkness - Hell Maine - Golden Tantalos Pairs which cost 40 bonuses (2 monsters with 2 cards): Erohim - Relics of Kundun Also there are two Fortune Pounch cards, which are bonuses and they will change any card that you need. For example if you get Elite Yeti and Fortune Pouch, it will count as two Elite Yeti or if you get Erohim and Fortune Pouch it will count as two Erohim. But if you are lucky enough and you get 2 Fortune Pouch, for that you will get 70 bonuses. Here is the example of how you should write your answer: Pinq / Luxor 5 - 36 1 - 35 4 - 33
  10. Pinq

    Forum Quest "Lottery"

    10 Bonuses HenOtkuda ReZero Malfyrion Himler 10 Bonuses
  11. Quest "Lottery" The quest has started and will end on December 9 at 19:00! Welcome to this Quest players, rules are simple good luck and have fun everyone. The quest rules are following: For each round of the lottery, I guess a certain number of numbers. Your task is to guess which ones! In the first round of the lottery, I asked 5 numbers (from 1 to 9). Your task is to guess 3 numbers from those that I have asked. If you guessed 3 numbers correctly, you go to the second round and get 10 bonuses! If you guess 4 numbers, you get 15 bons, and if all 5 numbers, then the winning amount for the first round will be 25 bons. In the first round, you write 5 numbers! In the second round (if you have passed the first) of the lottery, I guess only 2 numbers (from 1 to 5). Your task is to guess both. If you guess the 2 numbers, you go to the third round and get 20 more bonuses! In the third round (if you were lucky in the second round) of the lottery, I thought of only 1 number from 1 out of 5 (1-2-3-4-5). Your task is to guess this number. You only have one try! If you guessed this number, you get another 30 bonuses, on top of what you won in the previous rounds! The numbers would be generated by me via random number generator after I would close the quest. Numbers are not repeated in one round. Only 1 answer option is allowed in one round. In the reply, we write your options for all three rounds at once. In your application, be sure to indicate your Nickname and the Server on which you play. Editing answers is prohibited. Edited answers will not be accepted (better to write a new post) For multi-accounts - disqualification from the quest and RO. Example application: Pinq / Luxor 1st round: 2, 3, 1, 6, 8 2nd round: 1, 4 3rd round: 5 Good luck to everyone!
  12. 70 Bonuses - Himler 50 Bonuses - -Xenomorph 35 Bonuses - HrenOtkuda 15 Bonuses - Julius SoulK Moorwen 70 Bonuses 50 Bonuses 35 Bonuses 15 Bonuses
  13. It would be best for 3 of them servers, at least 2 guild would go to sieges, maybe even 3
  14. This week forum quest is "Assemble the Mosaic" This quest will end at 07.12.2021 at 19:00 I suggest you to participate in a forum quest Assemble the Mosaic. I have took screenshot from our game, and created mosaic using this website ! You goal is to: Register on the this WEBSITE using your ingame or forum nickname, without registration I will not accept your result. You have to assemble the mosaic faster than everyone else. Upload two screenshots, without them I will not accept your result First screenshot when one piece is left: Second screenshot with the final result, as the screenshot shows: 4. Whenever you have done all the above points, leave your result following this example : (Your name on jigidi or mosaice website / ingame name / server / how long it took you to assemble the mosaice) MuxGM / Pinq / Luxor / 11:11 And show two screenshots as shown in example. Quest would last untill 13.10.2021 19:00, after that results would not be accepted. You can assemble mosaic as many times as you want and if you got better result than last time you can edit your post with your new time and screenshots. The amount of winners would be limited by the raiting table on the website. In total there are 10 winner places - 1 - 70 bons 2 - 50 bons 3 - 35 bons 4-10 get's 15 bons. Click HERE to begin the mosaic
  15. -Xenomorph | 65 Bonuses
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