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  1. lol that's so retarded XDD @koIIIMap just kill everyone so u get banned again why not and then just leave and never come back here lol
  2. dropped about 200 lottery got - cape of lord FO, 2lvl mg wings FO, Leg shield fo, leg staff fo, pvp exc bolts
  3. if u think so then u are too dumb
  4. only noobs get condor and try to sell them for 4k lol
  5. the problem is with condor of flame which drops only from CC boxes if u win we have won good amount of CC and 0 condor of flames
  6. but whenever u are gathering 4 condor + 4 flame about a month(flame do not drop at all :D) it's realy sad when u fail at 90% CARL, 90%!
  7. at 2:00 of video so rigged flame is broken
  8. and? what's the point of your video if ppl tried to make once or twice level4 wings and their failed nvm about 2lvl wings who are failing about 2-3 in the row at 90%
  9. make as it was against dl horse skill or remove it, if u think against tripple shot it would be useful you are wrong :C
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