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  1. Quest Luxor 09/10/2021 : i have not recieved any bons from ingame event 9/10, i won 3 times Ingame-name: Vixx
  2. how ab defense rate ?, so now ur underestimating 50 damage of combo right? in the real pvp battle game, everypoint invested value is WORTHY. So the only way i can do here is reinvest it, OK problem solved . THANK YOU SO MUCH ADMINS
  3. All 4 combos of ELF include ICE ARROW, isnt it obvious you should take some actions on modify it to fit the situation ? Its so disadvantage for elf users.
  4. what is the point having ancient set but can not use those points ..... its boring, i cannot combo without Ice Arrow
  5. but My attack speed values now is 712 ( more than 550) but it doesnt work
  6. it worked when i get rid of the fase set, but how can u deny all the addition stats from Fase set like that ? i want to use both set as the same time. PLEASE ADMIN, HELP !
  7. is there any solution for my problems ?
  8. thank you guys, ill try it out, appreciate your fast responses
  9. i already added enough points to wear the staff, nothing wrong with the points
  10. how can i adjust the agi points ?? i already added 27000 points in Agi, and it still keeps kicking me out
  11. Excuse me, why did I continuously get kicked out 5 6 times in a row due to this speed hack sign ? My char name is Vision
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