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  1. Usyks

    Game problem

    And in my folder no file of thet error name. i guess i need that, but where can i get that?
  2. Usyks

    Game problem

    Whay always when i walk in Lorencia this s*it pop up??? I have all updates and pc works perfectly.
  3. Usyks/Luxor a1 - b1 - b2 - c2 - d2 - e2 - f2 - f3 - f4 - f5 - f6
  4. Hey. I have problem with game, i started play couple hours ago and try teleport to Davias, game crush, just shut down game and nothing shows up, now when i log in my acc and try pick a charecter, game crushes every time.... how fix it? If i create new charecter, i can play game but it crushes again when im teleport to Davias You need to update your graphics card driver to the latest version. Also, you can try running the game without Launcher, but straight with Main.nexe file. This is not the case Oooookey, its fixed some how by its self, just dont understand why and how ....... i did nothing.... but is working now again.
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