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  1. AnVo

    Forum Quest "Lottery"

    AnVo / Luxor Vòng 1: 1, 2, 3, 5, 8Vòng 2: 1, 4Vòng 3: 5
  2. AnVo

    Forum Quest "Lucky Pair"

    AnVo / Luxor 8 - 10 21 - 35 7 - 21
  3. How to PK ???? MU_2021-08-09_15-04-12.mp4
  4. I have grasped the functionality of the website. I have successfully paid the fine. Sorry to bother
  5. Dear Admin, My account is currently locked for 7 days. And as I know, I can pay 560 bonuses to get out of jail. I really want to pay the fine to continue playing the game but I can't login the web I need help with login account to the website to proceed to sell some of the things I have to pay fines. Regards,
  6. AnVo

    4.3 AnVo

    Actually I didn't know I killed your rudolf. About this, I apologize to you and I will compensate you with a new rudolf or 300kk zen in any case.
  7. AnVo

    4.3 AnVo

    Hey man, 1. I didn't say "cả nhà mày ngu vãi cả đái". I said "ca nha may ngu vai ca dai" .Right?? =>>>>> You admit you provoked me. and you find it absurd that I don't offend you => WOW 2. Because I said something unrelated, I broke the law. Is this legal in your country? If true then "OK"
  8. AnVo

    4.3 AnVo

    If I say "Ngu". "Chinese-VietNamese" dictionary : Ngu = Lucky. In the past. Vietnam is called "Đại Ngu". The thought of it is great luck. Are we insulting our country? No, Man. You said I offended you. it's just your opinion, not mine
  9. AnVo

    4.3 AnVo

    i dont said "your whole family is stupid" . right ?. Show broof plz. If you say the proof is the sentence "ca nha may ngu vai ca dai" = "your whole family is stupid" . No man, you are not knowledgeable enough Regards!
  10. AnVo

    4.3 AnVo

    @Type-R @VeryMuch
  11. AnVo

    4.3 AnVo

    please check chat history of char: AnVo and Emily. Emily was the first to provoke I need everything clear. Because i m newbie, I don't know all the rules yet. If ban account, Right Now plz. 1. I'm a newbie 2. this is vip account, I will lose time to use vip benefits
  12. AnVo

    4.3 AnVo

    I'm so sorry for the mistake
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