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  1. HitlerS

    Prisoner Vacancy

    I was talking about all the projects what I was playing!!! Specfied THIS PROJECT FIRST YEAR Mu.bless.gs Mu.Egames.gs And Mux.Global is the same project and the same Administration But all 3 projects are same that way can say years and years
  2. HitlerS

    Prisoner Vacancy

    P.S Not playing Phobos Thats way i was a good applicant for this Role!!!!!
  3. HitlerS

    Prisoner Vacancy

    1. Your Nickname and link to the character 2. Your Real name 3. Where do you come from? (Name at least Europe/Asia/America, but country preferable) 4. Your experience with our projects, and all the previous nicknames you had on them before. (where and how long, if you can remember also server / guild) 5. Why do you think you would be a good prisoner. You can also add whatever you want to add in this point, full creativity welcome here. 1.HitlerS https://muxglobal.com/index.php?page=info&act=getchar&name=HitlerS&serv=server4 2.Kaspars 3.Latvia now in UK 4.playing this project more then 10 years Mu.Bless.gs Start with season 2 when exp was 100x my nick Darkfear Guild:Power Guildmaster Lafan Extreme:DarkFear guild can't remember Orion:HitlerS guild:Justice Guild master Ardos Legion:HitlerS (can t remember ) Prime:HitlerS (can t remember because there was 2 primes ) Master:HitlerS was in eLemenT then went to Panacea Egames:Luna:HitlerS Guild master RedLine Mu.Xglobal Legion:HitlerS Guild:SunShine 5. 1. I playing this project years and years know all rules of this game never get banned for something 2.Know all projects History 3. I am very helpful and always happy to help 4.Know 3 languages Russain English Latvian 5. If need proves can check my bless forum when I register on forum nick -HitlerS- 6. I will be a good teammate in the senate because I am a team player 7. In mu bless project know I am loyal player Angel_A Заслуженный ветеран Bless Members 7357 posts LocationRB MinsK Posted 14 April 2018 - 23:26 Bezumec-Sm, on 14 Apr 2018 - 21:17, said: думаю не стоит переживать, Хитлерс наш старый игрок и никаких гнусных дел за ним замечено не было)