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  1. CannibaL


    There is no updated one that I dropped on Skype. (I almost finished the patch, no wings) only Mantles remained Link
  2. CannibaL


    the link does not work
  3. Basic (Bless) Basic (Bless) + wings (only DL Mantles are incomplete)
  4. I'm on vacation until August 17th. how will I be back check
  5. what are the problems with the patch?
  6. CannibaL

    Aurora Refunds

    someone got some info from Admins about items?
  7. deine Idee ist die gleiche wie Extreme = Empire
  8. CannibaL

    Aurora Refunds

    are there any work in progress to find things? and then the admins does not comment on anything? maybe someone has already been helped with old items from the shop?
  9. CannibaL

    Aurora Refunds

    1. robbinra_m 2. Night Edge+13 - 256218483 Brave Helm+15 - 256218485 Brave Armor+15 - 256218486 Brave Pants+15 - 256218487 Brave Gloves+15 - 256218488 Brave Boots+15 - 256218489 Wings of Conqueror+15 - 256218490 Ring of Wind+15 - 256218494 Crimson Glory Shield+15 - 256218497 Staff of Darkness+13 - 255732054 Demon - 256116264 Pendant of Fire+13 - 31382353 Ring of Ice+13 - 31315424 3. Phobos 2017.
  10. CannibaL


    yes, you can close this topic
  11. how much junk are you going to take to the extreme, it is not appreciated there at all, leave only the important
  12. CannibaL


    I cant find COSMOS. How can i find him? Pls help me
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