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  1. Impartial

    loss elff

    It does not matter who I am. And while I may not know what has happened in the past, but people who can read English in this whole MUX forum will not find it difficult to read and roughly figured out what is going on especially where majority of the reported posts in Prison Section (other than the Events section - Thanks Adee for your hardwork to keep every players entertained out of game! ) in the forum are from the same group of players named Algocalim, MZU, Bonevoyage and also you - shadow. With regards to the information for Safety Mode system ever since it was first introduced and the rules for reporting of loss system can also be found within this forum (I have also shared the link on one of the post here), it does not require a rocket scientist to understand it. Unless you are already having difficulties understanding English/logic/common sense in the first place, then I don't know how to help you. I am replying solely based on what I have read from what Kolia had reported, with the use of common sense and logic. Nothing complicated as what you thought. In summary, perhaps in this whole saga, everyone who is named and involved in this saga may seemed to be in the wrong, but the main big culprit who started it (giving away his account details where he should not, as mentioned by the Admins & Senates many times), allowing things to go haywire and causing so much toxic-ness & unhappiness (be it in game or forum) within this MUX Community, is apparently the one who created this topic post. I anticipate there will be some toxic and aggressive replies after this post (go on if you want to as I am not going to care and though at the same time I hoped admin can intervene and lock this topic quickly), but I guessed I am signing off from this topic as we clearly know Admin can do nothing to help anything (as this loss had happened more than 3 months). Well, just have to carry on with life from here.
  2. Impartial

    loss elff

    With regards to this application form, I would suggest for admin to remind applicants there is no need to fill up if the loss happened more than 3 months from current date. If not, there will always be unnecessary attention rendered (by the Admin or Senates) to irresponsible players who does not take full responsibility and ownership of their account. As long as the loss happened after 3 months from current date, admin or senate can simply reject the case and lock the lodged topic. This is to prevent unnecessary toxic & vicious conversations between players. In summary, I can only say that these irresponsible players only start to cherish and realized the importance only after the valuable characters or items were lost. @Ivan Nebraska or any Senates, better hurry up to lock this topic, or else some vicious minded players may want to start the forum war running.
  3. Impartial

    loss elff

    I doubt that you have ever read the rules posted by Arthur, and I seriously think you need to go through the >> rules << again. Apparently, you breached 3 of the rules (which was shared by Arthur) as listed below. The recovery of loss is not processed, if: 1. If you gave access to your account to any third party. 3. If you have been robbed, and safety mode was disabled. 6. If you gave your items for someone to use, but they haven't returned them.
  4. Impartial

    loss elff

    The fact that Safety Mode was not switched to ON (when you clearly know you have to especially when there are valuable items within account), but you chose not to do so (especially when you knew you may have to be away for work for a long time). What's best is that you passed the account's login name and password to more than one player (meaning it's 2nd party, or 3rd party etc) whom you knew (regardless in game or in real life) in server Aurora. Such an irresponsible act increases the risks and chances of your account having lost of items or characters, because you indirectly authorized those persons (whom you gave the account details to login) to act on your behalf (to sell items or do anything on free mode) in your absence due to work. About your claim of lost ancient items+15, and I did read about that topic, you even allowed someone else to act on your behalf to make the report of lost property. Why did you not report on the lost character - elf (if it's true) as well? Is it because you always allowed so many other players (whom you probably claimed as friends) to log and act on your behalf, so much so that you lost track of what exactly happened? I remembered someone named Algocalim in forum, had to act on your behalf to post replies on that topic you create using forum nick Kolia20. So much so such that you forgot your promises or agreement to borrow your items to other players or "friends in game" (because all along you knew your account's safety mode is not switched to ON), such that you panicked when you don't see the items or characters and then started reporting lost of items? In summary, all along you clearly knew the account's Safety Mode was not switched on. So now, you wanted to push all responsibilities and risks to the admins, to help you recover your lost character, because of your irresponsible actions? Is it even fair to ask admins to help you when you simply or loosely allow anyone who have your account details, to do anything they want? And especially when it was already a long ago history?
  5. Impartial

    Lost admin

    I suggest you to go work on your English. And since when did you become a bootlicker? Are you afraid of Lege Artis checking on you? Why does MZU have to be ashamed? You should be the one feeling ashamed as your past characters got permanently banned before. He is being creative in getting attention from the admin. Why do you have to get so worked up over a creative poster? Are you afraid of being investigated for your low and unscrupulous deeds?
  6. @BeL4eNaK What about outstanding lottery tickets that were not used yet? Will they be transferred over to Bless Extreme too?
  7. Nice, I like your recommendation. But I am afraid you will be continuously disappointed. ^^
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