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  1. S>Gaion Set +11+L+28 + pendant +12 S>Night Edge +13+FO (no 2%) - 1.2k pp S>Imperial Sword +13+FO - 1.3k pp S>2mg wings +13+L+28+Ignore+mana+ag S>MG98 res 199Q
  2. Why you try to do something? it was like that from bless project and it will be like that. In more than a year noone banned people for using 'black magic' and they won't easier to leave project
  3. Hah, the same guy tricked people on bless project I'm surprised, that admins haven't banned the IP yet.. Already maybe 7 times he scammed people from new accounts
  4. TheHope

    Quest system

    Yea, I survive half of the hit from them, when they hold exits I survive to put half step and die
  5. TheHope

    Quest system

    So it tells even more about it. One bag of arrogance (or bag of small-to-average 'pipis', don't know what is shown by those actions) is not letting players to get through quests. And admins will say, that it's normal? Just make a quest system available to everyone, not just for a mentally broken people or people connected through LAN in mental hospital room.
  6. TheHope

    Quest system

    Hey. Admins, can you tell me how to do quests like that, when all of the places like these are held by 'big ego' guys who plays 'without donate shop'? Why everyone cannot have equal opportunities to get through the quests, at least ? For example, if someone plays solo? You need to go to kill mobs in event, when 10 worn out faces are killing everyone? I understand if they would be able to hold spots for the 'guild buffs', but not entrance or exits of the event and on the other hand - you play solo, but you need to do quest in guild event?
  7. Yes, this guy walks though the walls in dungeon. A lot of people walks through the dungeon walls in this server. Please double check that admins.
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