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  2. А как будет, если на х500 есть аккаунт с таким самым логином? Всё нормально перенесется?


    SMs are divided into 2 categories: 1) Normal SM with simple teleports. 2) SM with Double Teleports which make them unable to catch. Maybe they play with ping, or just their Internet sucks, so anti cheat will not tell you anything. Also, these double teleports appears only on CC, no double teleports were noticed on other events where it would be too obvious for them.


    да я сто раз про такое писал на блессе, всем пох, в логах ничего нет
  5. не трать время на этих идиотов. люди которые поломали дюпом весь сервер кинг, чтото говорят о честности. и не доказывай никому ничего, пусть проверяют логи, а фуристы идут нахер
  6. Yes, sorry, im not correct. When I opened last star, it need 1.5kkk
  7. Dont talk about balance when guild depends on one DL.
  8. 150 000, not 1 500 000, visual bug
  9. CAPSLOCK | Luxor a1-a2-b2-c2-d2-d3-d4-c4-c5-c6-d6-e6-f6
  10. Sorry if Im wrong, but on bless there were 2 spots in Kalima inMay. On muxglobal we have 1 spot in Kalima.

    Forum Quest "Memory"

    CAPSLOCK Luxor 2-36 1-7 4-5 23-24 25-31 26-32 14-17 16-18
  12. Ban this cheater, kills from 1 hit
  13. Yes but he does not even stops when casting spells. Casting spirits while running I dont know if he really use cheats or not, but he killed me yesterday few times from 1 kick Flame cast So noticed strange behavior in DS and created a topic.
  14. CAPSLOCK Cheats (check MG on video, running and mobs die) Luxor Jacob
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