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  1. popwar

    SS Phobos

    If the violation is strong enough, you could get rec’d on main even for 4.2 In this case... not even close.
  2. popwar

    Guild Tribute System and Tribute Chests

    Resets + Quests. Once you finish both, you have max possible stats.
  3. popwar

    Guild Tribute System and Tribute Chests

    No there is no choice, you can only make tributes when you are already max reset.
  4. popwar

    BK Build for PVM

    The more agi, the better. Especially in the start it is better to have as much agi as you can, so you get good def & atk spd, because you better have high def and hit the mobs more times with little less dmg then have bad def and slow speed and hit with more dmg.
  5. popwar

    BK Build for PVM

    Yes, but skill dmg is calculated from base dmg which you get from STR. I prefer to keep str and ene roughly the same.
  6. popwar

    Prisoner Vacancy

    Sorry for offtop, but Mux opened in 2016
  7. popwar

    Keeping more new players on new servers

    Yep, this project is too tough for international players, newbies especially. I don’t really think things can change as long as tryhards from bless/egames who can’t do shit there, come and bully newbies here. Let’s say they decrease the max nr of ppl in guilds, would just result in 1-2 super guilds with full donated chars 🤷♂ Better for it to be 20-25, so that maybe some if the guilds could recruit newbs also (which they don’t...). This started to be aproblem when bless/egames players found about this project, because back at like Atlas x1000 times it was all great, the servers lived long, there was competition, there were guilds who farmed as a team to equip every noob member, there were no “14+ h a day online” requirements to join top guilds etc. Just too many tryhards that ruin the game for casual players.
  8. popwar

    Banned account

    Every next response just smells of desperation tbh - “beliv mi story, i no bad”. Just take this to Skype and talk with support there
  9. popwar

    Banned account

    I have seen ppl getting banned for /post “sell acc for $”, joke or no joke, it is enough. Especially if your account is “powerful”, makes even less sense for it to be a joke.
  10. popwar

    Banned account

    Nobody gets banned for nothing, especially without topics, that means that the admins were presented with enough evidence already.
  11. popwar

    Website Item Craft System

    Wait.. so only non-exe weapons can be crafted?
  12. popwar

    S> stuff on Phobos

    Everything still available, bon now up to 750 clear (870 total). If you are willing to pay for e-mail change, it is possible the buy the whole acc with 80 achievs 🤷♂
  13. popwar

    4.12 WaNsOn

    https://forum.muxglobal.com/index.php?/topic/270-rules-for-screenshots-videos/ Chat window not opened, no frame on chat window, most importantly no date
  14. popwar

    phobos 4.6

    Just leave already if everything is so bad. From staffs point of view - just rule8 this guy already, years of the same negative attitude and accusations against the staff.. just get rid of the cancer in this community once and for all 🤷♂
  15. popwar

    phobos 4.6

    ....... Open a new topic and post a normal screen by rules.