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  1. popwar

    Legion x1000

    It’s the weekend, i wouldn’t expect help. You can try Skype, maybe you can catch somebody there.
  2. popwar

    Server Maintenance

    This can’t be on purpose
  3. popwar

    S> stuff on Phobos

    S> DL Addiction MG FastAsBee Shaned set (armor & pants +L) Pvp cape+12 Pvp Dancer +12 TH set+12+L+Dd ~550 bon (clear) Interested in bon Legion, maybe char/bon Phobos if the offer is right, offers PM
  4. popwar


    I don’t even remember having this feature here
  5. popwar

    Here we go again :D

    Here you go killing mux servers again
  6. popwar

    Server Settings - Legion x1000

    New seasons/chars etc will only happen on this project if Belka & Shan sell it to somebody else
  7. popwar

    Server Settings - Legion x1000

    Probably classic 5-6 months.
  8. popwar

    Server Settings - Legion x1000

    That would mean switching to a new season, coding everything over again etc etc, don’t think it will happen, probably ever, or at least not in the next couple of years. That is, if there will still be ppl playing MU by that time
  9. popwar

    S>>Dark Soul set +13 8%

    Smoke meth and hail satan!
  10. popwar

    S>>Dark Soul set +13 8%

    Well, if it’s exe, then at least provide us with info what options the set has From your message it could mean +mana +8% hdd
  11. popwar

    S>>Dark Soul set +13 8%

    Lol Posted in Tavern and didn’t even specify is this exe set or anc or wtf Good job little buddy
  12. popwar


    Chat window not opened, no date..
  13. popwar

    Top Bk

    Ask him in private and then post it on chat - that’s what he did to me and then cried like “ye ye selling for bones in pm, mwahaha” or something like that. Of course this is for $
  14. popwar

    x5000 Phobos ViruS 3.1

    Well in case of alt f4 or switches, you need to write him a pm. Same as chat opened fully in any screens. I was pretty sure it is written somewhere, but i can’t find it, so i suggest the purple, red and blue ppl to add that somewhere.
  15. popwar

    x5000 Phobos ViruS 3.1

    It is.