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  1. 100% agree, Eagle should at least get warned for 4.18, i mean he literally fits rule 4.18 description. + screens with no date etc, smells like 4.11 (at least a warning) He LITERALLY collected multiple screens over a period of time to ban a whole lot of people (from opposing guild, i guess).. i mean read rule 4.18 description, how is that not a 100% fit I wouldn’t rec any of the accused players for 4.18. 4.2 and 4.12 yes, nothing else. Advice for the accused players - next time take screens from your point of view.
  2. How about removing that feature for players? It’s useless anyway
  3. So posting on global 3 times is 4.18? Then the rule description needs serious redacting.
  4. I don’t remember it being more than 4.2 previously
  5. I think it is Eagle who should get warning for 4.18, someone could even argue 4.11, because that’s 100% not the full story, therefore is misleading and pretty much directly fits 4.18 - provocation with the goal to ban. The right way to end this would be giving 4.2 for this “sosamba” and other bullcrap, i don’t see how is this a 4.18 warning, i mean where is the provocation with intent to ban? Where is the malicious act against the server?
  6. I know a few cases when the same few people have held down 3-4 sieges in one night. Altough the idea itself is not bad, i don’t quite believe it would do the trick and could be probably too difficult technically But ideas are good, and i’m glad people are starting to speak. Now we just need the higher power to actually listen
  7. Merging with anything, especially the russian language projects where all the no-lifers play, is not a solution Here are my utopic thoughts - https://forum.muxglobal.com/index.php?/topic/5469-a-fantasy/
  8. popwar

    A fantasy

    So the merged server can die in 3-4 weeks and then what Vip, powerbuff, stats, invisibilty, class change, item upgrade, lottery. It will get them the dinero. They open a no shop server on bless tomorrow, so...
  9. popwar

    A fantasy

    Yes, about this, i think it’s a big concept error for the project, because “classic mu experience” does not work for international players. Maybe it’s time for some new chars, seasons etc. Even if it means removing Arkania or not using the current client.
  10. popwar

    A fantasy

    Just my idea. And that’s the point of this, to generate ideas which the admins will see and might eventually use. Enough of dead servers and new servers that die in 2 months.
  11. popwar

    A fantasy

    So, since the project has been half dead and only a few select people actually remain and play, i had an idea how to revive the project. I would encourage everyone to pitch their ideas also, maybe the admins will hear somebody and perhaps even do something My idea - close all the existing servers, wipe them, delete them completely. And then open just 1 server, preferably as the new one on bless - without a web shop at all. Make it mid (1k?) rate and give the players the chance (tributes/granda) to earn +all items via gameplay, so that non-hardcore players can’t complain - “omg he donate, can’t kill, admins lox” etc. And just don’t open new servers for 6 months, a year. Of course, it can result in the same thing as every server on this project, but in this case there are no excuses, it’s all in the players hands. Some tweaks on the guild member amount and guild system as a whole might be necessary, but those can be made as we go. I understand ppl would get mad about losing their stuff - perhaps there is a way to give everyone some kind of a compensation in form of bonuses proportionally to their time played. Yeah, this against the “you never lose your items” policy, but hell, soon you there will be only items left withou players using them. Regarding lottery - it could stay with some tweaks, but in that case decrease the odds even more. Or cut the options on items, or better yet, make the options random, so the lottery would be a last resort just for lazy donaters. So that’s my utopic idea. Peace.
  12. Once a server is dead, there is no bringing it back. Maybe only giving out free +all items could help bring back some players And trust me, ppl donate even in these dead servers.. yeah, i don’t understand either. The harsh reality - just keep farming the empty server, grinding achievs and wait for merge and then wait for new server to open. The cycle never ends
  13. The solution is super easy servers where casuals can keep up without super mega guilds and/or having to donate. But this isn’t that kind of a project. So, whatever server opens next will just have the same fate. Same vicious cycle that has been going on for years. Yet ppl stay and donate as crazy in hope if change.. and that’s why nothing changes.
  14. Usually, the server needs to be running for 5-6 months before it gets merged. And i think Phobos might be light years ahead of Legion, so this could be hard to pull off.
  15. Did you buy any of the chars? Edit: what @TigerX said.
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