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  1. Ok ok then sounds good because it’s exactly the same with mu global, I can see also that x5000 server exist on bless so x1000 sound good please tell us something about that tho, we need to know more is it going to be any time soon ? At this point too many ppl want this, at least tell us Approximately when
  2. Yes please, also it’ll be nice to tell us what will happen now
  3. So, 1.today cc 6 was 2 times empty (never happened before) 2. I took a walk in barena and I saw 3 illusions starring at me 3.I was trying to buy chaos and nobody gave me a single pm 4. Morning tdm it’s usually 1v2 and 2/3 of them are usually afk 5.The Great dragon just disappears 6.In Core yesterday only 1 guild appeard, today again only 1 guild appeard In concussion, now what ?
  4. If I can understand correctly, soon update on Empire will happen then Luxor will merge with Empire and later with King as well? Let us know some details please and approx… timeline maybe?
  5. Also on bless project as well
  6. Hello, I would like to suggest the idea of special Black Friday offers for muxglobal. Maybe some kind of donate discount offers or half the price of lottery tickets etc
  7. VanGuard


    Or 2 any class wings lvl 3 + 2 fenrir
  8. VanGuard


    T>bk wings +13+luck+28add+crit dmg = 1 black and 1 blue fenrir or 1 b. Fenr + 1 Fenr + any class wings lvl 3
  9. VanGuard

    Low price

    https://mu.bless.gs/en/index.php?page=info&act=getchar&name=_Pho0521&serv=server5 Sell this sm and 400 Bon + tax on extreme = 300bon+tax Luxor or offer items small price
  10. VanGuard


    T>Phoenix Flaming Bow 13+all + Bon = any w3 or black fenrir T>Imperial sword +all+13+Bon =any w3 or black fenrir Pm me for Bon offers
  11. VanGuard

    B>sm set

    B>sm set low grade+shield pad/bone/sphinx/leg+HDD harm+11/12/13 =normal Bon price
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