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  1. Type-R


    He pressed shift to write ~ TP for party, thats why 123 is [email protected]#
  2. Type-R


    Everybody can accidently press “enter” while attacking combo, thats not a problem. But when you can see some text inbetween like - 12H31E1L2L31O23 then it is clear that it was a macro
  3. Type-R


  4. Type-R

    Quests Phobos 25/07/2020

    Hide & Seek PIKI Freeman PIKI PIKI -Vanquish Dots -ShifT- -ShifT- ExecuToR dwadwadwa -ShifT- Bring the item PIKI Nson NSon DKSlo manijaks
  5. Type-R

    Quests Phobos 25/07/2020

    25/07/2020 21:00 there will be ingame quests on Phobos Server! Everybody is welcome to participate. (Event time can be modified, apologize for inconveniences)
  6. Type-R


    He is using ragefull blow for the final hit, it is extremely easy to do combo with it. Although players don't often use it due to low dps, as you have to wait for the animation of the skill. Death stab even with missed combos will still do greater dps. He might be using macro, he might be not, but anyways this strategy does not give him any decent benefit whatsoever.
  7. Type-R

    Quest system full list

    Yes, but you need to do the final hit
  8. Type-R

    Amin help

    Yes, you need more strenght and better equippement.
  9. Type-R


    Only one screenshot is by rules. And there is nothing reportable on it. Anti
  10. Type-R

    Amin help

    Do you have all the requirements for nova completed? And explain whats wrong with DL?
  11. Type-R

    Bailout from prison

    Contact ivan
  12. Type-R


    If D0mynEyd and kasab3 is same person, then he clearly disrespects the 2nd chance Ivan has given him. in this case i would go rec 4.18 + max add, BUT i think it has to be Ivan who has to decide what to do with his second chance breach situation. CubuleT 4.2 chat (if its not D0mynEyd’s twink)
  13. Type-R


    administration informed
  14. Type-R

    Did not get bonus

    Ill inform admins for you
  15. Type-R


    I’ve informed admins, they will get in touch with you soon