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  1. Closed, if you still need support create topic using english
  2. Type-R


    MeeL T-1000 CEMO
  3. Type-R

    HannibaL 3.1

    Anti. I did not see him coming back.
  4. Type-R


    I see the trend, although cant give more than 4.2 ban for this still yet.
  5. You cannot clear in the middle of the fight. Do i realy need to explain how does that gives an advantage?
  6. it is quite relevant, as that option is appealing.
  7. Type-R


    Four-Roses 4.2 ban
  8. Type-R


    Rec 4.2
  9. because topic is irrelevant for muxglobal or pointless if you like that word better. I am not aware of any single occasion where anybody from bless who is not playing on xglobal himself would had come and played here to help some guild on cs. If only furious had some, when flippy with his guild stopped to help them as a 3rd fake guild and they started to lose cses in fair play. Ether way, issue havent been relevant for xglobal.
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