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  1. Type-R


    If you keep doing that all the time you will eventualy get 4.18 thats correct
  2. Type-R

    4.6 4.1

    You said he has used this abbriviation before? Show me where please.
  3. Type-R

    4.6 4.1

    Are you blind? Cant you see he has rec?
  4. Type-R


    I guess @Pigeon will have to check then which are your chars and which are not. Also will need to check the Scar situation and see what his main is.
  5. Type-R


    Topics in your list: #1 - Asked for 4.1 when there is barely 4.2 chat - and it was still used for addition on other topic. #2 - Asked for 4.6 and he received 4.6 (addition was used here) #3 - Paewang = Arrogant? Asked for 4.2 and he received 4.2 #4 - Screenshot out of date #5 - Asked for 4.6 but You and Arrogant both could have maximum 4.2 chat and 4.3 chat respectively, although as both sides were involved warning was given. #6 - Anti Nothing there waste of time topic. #7 - Asked for 4.6 on topic which had only abuse to you, not your family, therefore 4.2 was issued. #8 - Asked 4.2 for 3 people - 1st had 4.2, 2nd there was no translation therefore anti, 3rd there was nothing on him. #9 - Asked for 4.2 in same time period of pending penalty on other topic. we only punish once. #10 - Anti Nothing there was of time topic. #11 - Asked for 4.2 and he received 4.2 #12 Anti Nothing there waste of time topic #13 This topic - 4.2 chat max. Summary: Legit topics = 4/13 Overreacted topics = 4/13 Invalid topics = 2/13 Anti topics = 3/13 This is in response of a comment of you saying there is too many anti. Seems absolutely fine for me here. More than that, you only had 4/13 legit topics, which makes YOU applicable for 4.18. I am getting tired from these ridiculous prison dramas, therefore: REC 4.18 Arrogant Rec 4.18 Scar Learn to communicate, or not communicate at all.
  6. Type-R


    so how many chars Arrogant have and what are the nicknames?
  7. Type-R

    4.6 4.1

    Its hard to understand what are they talking about. but i guess its enough for 4.3 Nson papamo
  8. Type-R


    I am pretty sure aurora players would not mind that options would be removed from their wings or even in worst case they would still be Happy with a refund and could cope for a while until they make their own new wings. Just so they finaly could play with rest of the project.
  9. Type-R


    If they would, their sets would be most likely deleted and partialy refunded in bons, so they could buy new gear from players on Phobos. Well, atleast that is how i imagine it happening.
  10. Type-R


    About the main topic - read the description of Phobos launch Announcement - FO sets will NEVER happen here. this could be a real option that would be great also.
  11. Type-R


    what does this mean? i dont get it.
  12. Type-R

    SS KessLer

    then speak in private. Rec 4.2 chat
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