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  1. Type-R

    S> Black Fenrir x5000

  2. Type-R

    S> Black Fenrir x5000

    price updated
  3. Type-R

    Beginner Elf stats and Marketing tips

    Moved to guides topic
  4. Type-R

    SS phobos

    any further flood will result in RO
  5. Type-R

    SS phobos

    Enough with flood. Proofs have been given. Unfortunately you have not been following prison section for long enough to know, THAT, any doubtable messages in foreign languages are evaluated as worst possible offense. Read previous precedents: Investigation results: https://prnt.sc/q708hi https://prnt.sc/q709xv Therefore: dedashen = your mother gaacove (gaats'ova - correct transliteration) ----> gaa (untranslatable local prefix) ts'ova = sucking ----> gaa+ts'ova = sucks REC 4.6 + MAX additional hours, for wasting administration time, with false witnessing.
  6. Type-R

    SS phobos

    so the translation is wrong and there is no 4.6? answer yes / no
  7. Type-R

    SS phobos

    rec 4.6
  8. Type-R

    SS phobos

    Google translate cant translate this. What language that is, and can somebody confirm the translation?
  9. Type-R

    Server Maintenance

    daaaamn, i already accepted the challenge
  10. Type-R

    ss 4.6

    we are asking for translation of: oe pe suji? dame sushi pe. as the topic says 4.6 but the russian part is not 4.6. therefore we consider that 4.6 might be hidden in "oe pe suji" part.
  11. Type-R

    B> Bons x5000 = Bons x1000

    I will give you 100 bon if i will have some leftovers
  12. Type-R


    Ks is not forbidden, closed
  13. Type-R

    vip kantru 3 ks

    Ks is not forbidden. Closed
  14. Type-R

    Bless Arena

    Things will change when you get stronger... that is part of overall evolution of the server, adds a nice segregation between lifetime Stages of it. Later you will be looking back to this time with great nostalgy.
  15. Type-R

    B> Bons x5000 = Bons x1000