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  1. your graphics looks sick, whats your setup?
  2. i thought we were brothers But ether way, you will still have to make sure i win!
  3. Hide & Seek Sony BCEM3ABCE XpycT XpycT KuKa Dots Namshud SanBoss Bzzzz KuKa SanBoss Weapons and Monsters XpycT -Day- Gigachad Namshud SanBoss
  4. 15/09/2021 19:15 there will be ingame quests on Luxor Server! Everybody is welcome to participate. (Event time can be modified, apologize for inconveniences)
  5. And also your energy, keep it at 32767 max its going over that value with your anc set
  6. Points which ancient set gives you do not count, you must have enough points for items without additional ones from ancient set
  7. Type-R

    Luxor - BUG 3.1

    Breach is not captured properly, and you also need to write in PM to confirm his exit. Anti
  8. anti, he did not come back
  9. Maybe you logging on wrong server?
  10. Type-R


    To be honest, it doesnt sound too bad realy. Everything seems fine, except the wings, see: set will be from grp, which people will add pvp options for bon (that is possible there right?) Pets are equally worthy, accessories is a problem but, they were much cheaper on phobos so its fine. Weapons are same, and the only thing left is wings. Any chance you could upgrade all lvl4 wings +15 to full opt lvl4 wings +13? Downgrade the level to cover the price difference, but upgrade the options?
  11. closed, thx for bussiness
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