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  1. -ice-


    Trade this mg in extreme for good sm or mg in luxor server! https://mu.bless.gs/en/index.php?page=info&act=getchar&name=-hold-&serv=server5 for ani offers pm me here!!
  2. accept i geve him 11k bonn +tax,and he will geve me 3k web bonn +tax
  3. 1.acc name: prostyle_m 2.Destroy armour +15 serial : 132196585 3.server phobos but i dont remember
  4. on extreme its work to put pvp in acient set?
  5. why wings of conqueror or wings of devil angel need to be +15 to get 6opt in extreme?im not agree with that,my wings of devil angel its +14 only,make also my wings +14 with al 6opt
  6. -ice-

    4.3 Doka

    scren it`s not according to the rules,chat must be full open!
  7. -ice-

    Macro Jacob 2.1 2.2

    why admins dont geve a verdict here!you need 1 month for that? @Ivan Nebraska @Pigeon @Lege Artis
  8. -ice-

    loss elff

    what golden fenrir,i did not play in aurora :))) are you sure what you talk?
  9. -ice-

    loss elff

    doenst matter set and bonus is in his account why did you take the set and bonus if you are not a thief?when you stole one time you will stole all the time you litlle thief.
  10. -ice-

    loss elff

    maybe you can explain how you stol set an bonus from kolia also?!you thief
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