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  1. -ice-

    Forum Quest "Memory"

    -bEagLe-/phobos 2-6 3-11 6-20 1-14 8-18 10-15 7-14 20-30
  2. -ice-

    Rule 8

    yes its true.but you cand buy a f.o caracter with 12bonn?admins can check, an they will se who was the owner of that DL, and how was sold for cheap bonn!
  3. -ice-

    Rule 8

    no with mzu its chatting,with someone else!but from that chat you can understand how MZU bought the caracter from him
  4. -ice-

    Rule 8

    @Ivan Nebraska
  5. -ice-

    Rule 8

    as i saw, ștefan iti the owner of demetry caracter, and him sold caracter to MZU for 1000lei (thats mean in euro,like 230euro)MZU really deserve rule8 for that,if that not a proof for rule8 then...
  6. -ice-

    x5000 4.3 CEMO

    did i saw elite potions?
  7. -ice-

    Sell bk in aurora!!

    sold!! close pls
  8. -ice-

    Sell bk in aurora!!

    Sell this bk in aurora https://muxglobal.com/en/index.php?page=info&act=getchar&name=K-Y-O&serv=server1 = items in phobos or same elf sm in aurora!!
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