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  1. Cemo

    Phobos Refunds

    1- acc name: asdekor 2-pendant of wind +13 serial no: 77954376 3-ring of fire +13 serial no: 114941259 4-pvp serpent shield +15 serial no:64792363 5-wings of spirit +15 serial no:40216781
  2. what should ı do with the items in the safe?
  3. these are the items that i cant conert in to bonus is this a correct method? is it true ?:D
  4. how many bonuses will we need to add pvp?
  5. excelent set should not be better than anc set
  6. i dont understand what i need to do i hae 5 chars whith set + 15 and they are all in seperate accounts should ı put things in the safe... my english is poor sorry S>2016 ford mustang 2.3 ecoboost
  7. Cemo

    RIP Aurora

  8. Cemo

    RIP Aurora

    aurora shut down???? omg
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