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  1. paygrade ingame nickname: toxicaf
  2. XDXDXDD. funny guy. U can't pick up sh*t here from drop. And what admins say? nothing we cant do about it. nice 10/10
  3. Can i get my item back???????????
  4. he literally took my drop, from my box after 10 seconds when i drop it. hello?!??! i won't give it back to me
  5. I got it from myster box> kundun +4 box
  6. I used two lotteries, i got 1 life and 1 pink mystery box. when i dropped it. i couldn't pick up it. later player "Alexski" took my drop
  7. 3 hours till opening and still no news about new features? Or there isn't any updates and episode 5 is just a title...
  8. Poll results from March.goo x1000
  9. Let's chose rates for new server? BTW SOCKETS ALSO WILL BE THERE YEAH?
  10. toxicaf


    8th of march? the moms day?
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