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  1. Admins sorry me im on the agenda again
  2. i will be your nightmareee Mr.Ws(uuhahahahahaaa)
  3. i dont know anything about you but u will know who am i ))))
  4. but Weismann u looking very bad in this photo try again please
  5. yes i agree with this boy
  6. papamo(DeadLord)

    ss 4.6

    what is mean 4.6 +add on main??
  7. papamo(DeadLord)

    ss 4.6

    You try to escape the truth.Thats why you say close the subject..I asked you some questions and i demand that you answer them..what is your problem with papamo or me?? your intention to make papamo ban..but why???again ask what is your problem withhh meeeeeee????
  8. papamo(DeadLord)

    ss 4.6

    if not same???if its not me?? so??
  9. papamo(DeadLord)

    ss 4.6

    1st need ask from you what is your problem with papamo???why you want to make ban him???why???1st anser this!!!
  10. papamo(DeadLord)

    ss 4.6

    so he is write lashaa...where is your char name in this wrtes??why u think he told about you?
  11. papamo(DeadLord)

    ss 4.6

    wtf 5 profil same ip??? you are idiott??you killed all in silent..thats why everbody write u....
  12. papamo(DeadLord)

    4.6 4.1

    1st u stop to kill everybody and me in silent...we cannot enjoy from this game for youall server hate to you u must understand that..you are not polite
  13. papamo(DeadLord)

    4.6 4.1

    what are u doing???u translated every writes falsee not true this all
  14. Admin all server hate this Duncan he have other chars KessLer and+++++..please band his IP, internet or light what do u can ..we bored..i hate someone killed me afk in silent..all know silent archive is very hard..before WticherFur killed me and i banned for him 14 days...now KessLer did that..i dont want again banned 21 days..Do something for that peaople
  15. I also agree with this suggest!!!
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