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  2. Arrogant

    Help ! Thx

    Stop selling dupe items
  3. I have absolutely no idea
  4. That won't be fair, as PVP pets in Extreme are only subject to win at lottery. Meanwhile, while you can add PVP to sets,... while to pets, wing, etc, you cannot The point is that the TOP items can be achieved from grand reset shop. So, maybe there is a space of maneuver as Karupapa said earlier
  5. It values nothing on extreme comparing to PVP pets
  6. @BeL4eNaK better make a pool inside web account that could be voted only by players which have accounts already created (to prevent multiple voting from sub-accounts)
  7. Arrogant


    Maybe you should check this video and see the PC that ZurC is running on and after go REC or not @Type-R t
  8. Arrogant


    Are you dumb ?
  9. Arrogant


    You should have gone to school when you had the chance because you're thinking too simplist. You should try some session of personal development. Now, where are the given points ?
  10. I see lot of Elf ~50 lvl and no reset
  11. Arrogant


    Honestly, if his brain was any slower, he’d be going backward.
  12. Arrogant


    xDDD Obviously reports made to tease... how come nobody does nothing against him ?
  13. Arrogant


    This is the rats way to do things. I told you they are toxic AF.
  14. One map that can have certain levels which allow you to get in if your level comply with. Think of it as layers, so it is divided into different levels according to their character level and it's not like a static map where you find all the players that are inside at once. But hey, just try it out and give us a feedback
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