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  1. Reduced by adding 1.5kk for guild quest?)) Your quest in the current season: Kill 1500000 monsters in Kalima
  2. Cosmos / Luxor a1-b1-b2-b3-c3-d3-d4-d5-e5-f5-f6
  3. @Lege Artis @BeL4eNaK can you please check and solve this? Thanks.
  4. Server : Luxor Name: Cosmos Time: ~13:45 Item lost: excelent flameberge +13 f.o Hello, i tryed to remove yellow opt at Jerridon from my sword and got some lag then disconect then item lost from iventary... Serial nr: 3648519 (from online view) BeL4eNaK please check. Thanks
  5. Cosmos

    Forum Quest "Memory"

    Cosmos/phobos 2-6 3-11 6-20 1-14 8-18 10-15 7-14 20-30
  6. Cosmos


    The most stupid player ever))))) First of all it was adresed to guild and by mistake writed /post... But u can ban me anytime u wnt)))) Keep this rats in game)) like madness lol))
  7. Cosmos


    He is a Rat so Mars can be used in that case...but u decide sure...i dont care.
  8. Cosmos


    Typer u know russian? Na start Vnimanie Mars (fuck of?) :)) or it means go?
  9. Cosmos


    Mars = go away And fuck off is not an insult. Ask savage, she was in uk.
  10. Cosmos


    Typer go on google translate and dont listen this Rat .
  11. Cosmos


    Mars= fuck off? Stupid Rat
  12. Cosmos


    Madness is a RAT, nothing more ,dont even listen him because he is an idiot too)))
  13. Cosmos

    Forum Quest "Memory"

    Cosmos/Phobos 2-4 1-9 5-7 11-21 9-24 13-23 20-29 24-35
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