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  1. Can some of admins confirm or answer here? No players... all players are in 1 guild..no fun anymore...no fair play..
  2. Maybe you can add PVP options to next updatE?
  3. Cosmos

    Trade Items!

    Bon. web you mean ? so is no opt to exchange from bon serv (real money) to bon web?
  4. Cosmos

    Trade Items!

    from 600 bons depends on item.
  5. Cosmos

    Trade Items!

    first off all W4 from shop u can return and get 4k+ bons. and u can add pvp to set or buy other.. now look how much cost 4k bons there..
  6. Cosmos

    Trade Items!

    i dont like it.. i dont think they are useless.. but if u say.
  7. Cosmos

    Trade Items!

    Trade MuBless(Extreme) items for MuxGlobal items: W4 +13 FO (BK) Brave Set +12 FO Demon. =============== Looking for W4+15 +2opt and offers.
  8. lol we lost everything.. without knowing that.. why you didnt said? at least we tooked back our bons from return bons.
  9. Cosmos


    Server is dieing, there are no more then 30 players + all their referals. I hope they will merge with other server to not let it die.
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