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  1. Пацанам больше нечего покупать тут, вот и рвутся на блесс ^^
  2. Советую просто отпустить это и забыть.
  3. So you suggest alt f4 to everybody ?
  4. @shadow I am glad you show us ur real face you little snitch.
  5. done, thx PS just need to wait for BK char
  6. You also smile when you see 2 fingers, nothing special here.
  7. 1) X30 x50002) -Security- 3) -Security- Char + all items on it + acc + email (w4 brave, demon, nights edge, crimson shield and jewellery all 15 FO)4) 2x wind rings+12+all-dragon pvp shild-nightadge +12( shop) lightbringer pvp+13 helion-demon-brave set + DL immortal 5) Saladin 6) everything gonna be traded via market with passwords.
  8. -Security-

    4.9 Aurora x30

    1. My nickname: -Security-2. Game server: x30 Aurora3. Which rule clause was violated: 4.94. Nickname of offender: 4LAN8ZII , Blond3, KrYminal5. Proof: P.S. all 3 chars is same person
  9. 660 Lottery tickets in 1 picture
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