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  1. in extrem server, i got gift character max rest, but in x100 king, no char gift, can you give 1 char max in x100 king. XD
  2. lordBali

    Item missing

    hi, im not remember last night, as im remember, i has transfer zen to my char from web, can you check? phobos - LordBali DL
  3. i mean,in cc, make in cc not available for F9 F6 or afk common.
  4. hey all player and admin. i dont know if this is good or not. in CC. i think we should not use F6 control or afk in CC.it seem like hahahah. what we play,thats we get.
  5. lordBali

    Forum Quest "Memory"

    Tuch - phobos 1-34 5-18 6-19 7-36 8-35 9-33 10-24 11-34
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