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  1. Marian

    Forum Quest "Lottery"

    SmeKerS/Luxor 1st round: 0,5,17,12nd round: 5, 83rd round: 4
  2. Marian

    Sell Turbo elf

    S>>> TURBO elf 281 quest Set >>Red Spirit + dd+ ++ Arrow fo+12+pvp Sylph Wind Bow +13 +fo + DEMON + W4 BM +15 +critical 5% Trade elf = Bm top or 40 k Bon in game -SmeKerU-
  3. Marian

    BUY W4 +12

    B>>>>>>>W4 bm+12 B>>>>> top Skepter +12 S>>>>TOP Mantle + 15 +ignor 5 % +Critical dmg2%
  4. Marian


    Sell >>>>> Black Fenner = offer S>>>>>Mantle TOP +15+ ignore + ex dmg = offer S>>> Flaming Phonex Bow +13+fo+pvp
  5. Marian


    Sell Mantle +15 +ignore+2%ex dmg +luk+7%== offer S> Set Dark Stell +13+dd+hp all items +ddi 8%all +skepetar fo+15 + Sheild fo +13 +ddi8% S> Black fennir trade for w4 or sell
  6. Marian


    TRADE or Sell for Wings Lv3 ELF +0 or +12 S>>>Flaming Phonex Bow +13+PVP+Fo S>>>> Arrow +12+fo+PVP+12%dmg for bon = 10k inclus Tax Caracter; PowerElf
  7. Marian


    my lottery tickets are missing for donation
  8. Marian


    nothing has been clarified are obliged to pay and compensation
  9. ADMIN solve the problem with DONATE 120 euro date June 6th at 14:20 I donated and I did not receive anything BON 0 bon wtf Acaunt mariuss1 caracte
  10. Marian


    Acaunt: mariuss1 the time I donated 14:20 where it is my BON
  11. Marian


    I donated today where it is my BON>????? ADMIN 120euro=0 bon WTF
  12. Marian


    today I donated and did not receive any BON solve the problem....
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