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    You buy account from EagLe with real money , admin know? Like i sad, maybe admins watch closer at you.
  2. PR3DAT0R


    Oh , as far as i can remember , it's not a crime to say what you eat. Maybe he had a craving for kebab and eat. You always write on post " eat pizzaa ", so ? Maybe Admin watch closer at you bacause you always make ET BUG, i think is more important.
  3. PR3DAT0R


    Yea , i have SM with 7 rr and you killed me 5 times in Arkania. You deserve much better. You are killing all the beginers from the sever , i hope you will get ban from admin. I am talking about you lllxXxlll !
  4. PR3DAT0R

    ET bug

    I hope you get ban for this, and all you items and flame confiscated. You all knowed about this bug but you profited about this and you need to pay now. Admin , please take attitude with all this players.
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