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  1. 1. My nickname: Gabrielx
    2. Game server: Phobos x5000
    3. Which rule clause was violated: 4.2 + 4.12
    4. Nickname of offender: (making a link on the character, as it is shown in the example) for example: SmStAr / DarkAngel2 / BadAngel (the same person)
    5. Proof.Screen(01_24-17_06)-0002.jpg.fd3a67ca99f8238eefd4f810a4fda11e.jpg

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  2. 2.1

    17 hours ago, Type-R said:

    Irregular intervals, and endings. I would say anti. 
    but i will forward this to admins to see if they can pick something up in logs.

    😂😂 this is the reason why all use macro, because your judge and admins judge , the macro can be stopped at 1-2 , not 1-2-3. This is the reason why ending another skill and not 3. Check logs and you see the same delay between skills. The irregular intervals ? Is the same in each combo :)) 

    look at 1:30 , he is dead and the macro still running 😂😂

  3. 3 hours ago, TigerX said:

    1. My nickname : JacksonX
    2. The game server: x30 Aurora
    3. What is the point of the rules is broken:  4.9
    4. Name the offender: 4LANZII, HannibaL, unknown ( was in other team couldn't record who he is)
    5. Proof:

    Explain: There are 4 characters enter tdm, team1: 4LANZII and JacksonX, team2: HannibaL and (unknown) other team, after tdm start 4LANZII and (unknown) left tdm. I am sure Those 3 characters are same person. Please check system log for (unknown) and IP for those 3.

    P.S: They did that everyday when they think nobody else join tdm. 


    Hahha , is not my business but you use macro :))) 

    if admins looks very good at your skills , they will see , every time when your press 1-2-3 , the delay between skills is the same every time ! You cannot make this thing with your fingers. 

  4. 9 minutes ago, BeL4eNaK said:

    Well, the easiest solution would be the same as we did with Magic > Inferno > Aquabeam combo: we've added 0.5 sec delay on Inferno. The same thing can be done for Ragefull Blow, if needed. But what about MG for example? Isn't he who has the fastest combos?

    OMG  , the MG combo is the same shit like combo to BK ! if you put bk delay, put delay at MG. 

  5. 1. My nickname : LEnnor-
    2. The game server: x5000 Phobos
    3. What is the point of the rules is broken:  4.2 / 4.7
    4. Name the offender: DarkAngel2

    5. Proof:Screen(12_01-21_59)-0001.jpg.564d8af24f12755f5233a578d2296edc.jpg


    DarkAngel2: you and yakuza become the clown of the server

    DarkAngel2: remember that

    DarkAngel2: i have a needle in your coat ( it is a Romanian word but means "i`ll take of you"

    DarkAngel2: you`ll see what it means to rub my nerves

    DarkAngel2: desperate eat you have your stomach empty

    DarkAngel2: you dont see you are only who write rabid

    DarkAngel2: poverty of human you become

  6. Trade or Sell Dark Phoenix Set +12

    Helm = LK+DD+REF+MANA +12

    Armour = LK+DD+DSR+REF +12

    Pants = LK+DD+REF+MANA +12

    Boots = LK+DD+REF+ZEN +12

    Gloves = LK+DD+REF +12


    W3 SM +9 LK 

  7. On 10/30/2020 at 8:35 PM, Type-R said:

    Non of the screenshots are made according to rules

    Is not about chat window , is anout another character. This rule with chat window is ... , dosen’t metter chat window in this situation. 

  8. On 9/14/2020 at 6:30 AM, Ivan Nebraska said:

    Accounts were rolled back to their Thursday's state. Progress, achieved on Friday cannot be returned. Compensations were given due to server issues

    We pay for your staff mistakes? I lost my time in this game and you tell me "Progress, achieved on Friday cannot be returned." ? Then play you and your staff here ! 

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