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  1. 1. My nickname : LEnnor-2. The game server: x5000 Phobos3. What is the point of the rules is broken: 4.2 / 4.7 4. Name the offender: DarkAngel2 5. Proof: Translate: DarkAngel2: you and yakuza become the clown of the server DarkAngel2: remember that DarkAngel2: i have a needle in your coat ( it is a Romanian word but means "i`ll take of you" DarkAngel2: you`ll see what it means to rub my nerves DarkAngel2: desperate eat you have your stomach empty DarkAngel2: you dont see you are only who write rabid DarkAngel2: poverty of human you become
  2. LEnnor

    Sell SM!

    I can give you 1kg de ceapa !
  3. Sold , close please.
  4. Trade or Sell Dark Phoenix Set +12 Helm = LK+DD+REF+MANA +12 Armour = LK+DD+DSR+REF +12 Pants = LK+DD+REF+MANA +12 Boots = LK+DD+REF+ZEN +12 Gloves = LK+DD+REF +12 -------------------------------------------------------- W3 SM +9 LK
  5. LEnnor

    4.18 Nara

    Is not about chat window , is anout another character. This rule with chat window is ... , dosen’t metter chat window in this situation.
  6. Ob , ok @BeL4eNaK, @Ivan Nebraska @Adee
  7. Is to much people here and they think is to easy to get flame maybe they think how get new people here , not to make out life harder.
  8. Is a mistake or is real ?
  9. LEnnor

    4.2 M4dneSS

    Wtf , they speack between them. What is your problem with that ?
  10. LEnnor

    BUG CC !

    Hello , when the Admin change our character in something else, i mean monsters and other things , in cc is this bug ! watch !
  11. lol , with wich server merge? with extreme ? they have pvp items and demons and we have set with lk+dd :)) i just asking. i`m curious :D:D:D
  12. We pay for your staff mistakes? I lost my time in this game and you tell me "Progress, achieved on Friday cannot be returned." ? Then play you and your staff here !
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