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  1. yamakasy

    Full Opt sets on Phobos? WTF ADMINS!?

    LOL well i know it was wrong, and i am ready to get my punishment! As for you Go cry somewhere else , after merge will teach u some manners !
  2. yamakasy

    Full Opt sets on Phobos? WTF ADMINS!?

    Watch your mouth kiddo, if you will notice i got my pants like what week ago ? So suck it up and deal i was jut way to strong for u noob!
  3. yamakasy

    Full Opt sets on Phobos? WTF ADMINS!?

    And to be honest mate its only and only your own fault, if you would do your job properly nothing like this would ever happen.
  4. yamakasy

    Full Opt sets on Phobos? WTF ADMINS!?

    .... Whats the story next ? Remove item , give me my elf bck :D:D:D
  5. yamakasy

    Full Opt sets on Phobos? WTF ADMINS!?

    True as it is, suspicious sweet set thro !!
  6. yamakasy


    Hey, over all little conflicts we ever had, I respect you and i think the best Senate member now will leave this project. Any way, hope u will have all the best luck in future. Thanks for your time and patience for this project. Peace
  7. lol cause u are dumb?
  8. yamakasy

    Fix alt+f4

    Well, in a way its good, one more rule to brake and if you are smart will walk around with recorder. As in couple actions when you literally get dc while in bc, tdm, DS or something, its nice to come bck in event not in Arkania. Any way im just saying there is positive sides of this, as well as negative sides.
  9. yamakasy

    Sell elf.. x5k

    Sell top 1 elf!!!
  10. yamakasy

    Sell elf.. x5k

  11. yamakasy

    Sell elf.. x5k

  12. yamakasy

    Sell elf.. x5k

    Willing to trade for bk +items
  13. yamakasy

    Sell elf.. x5k

    Sell elf -yamakasy- Black fenrir 3lvl wings +15 Guardian set +L+DD+XX+XX +15 pvp darkstinger Fo +15 Arrow pvp Fo Wind pend +15 Fo Ring of poision +15 Fo Ring of fire +15 Fo Elf it self 216 res 3 tributes Offers PM!
  14. yamakasy

    Forum quest -"Treasure hunt"

    -yamakasy- / Phobos A1,A2,B2,B3,B4,C4,C5,D5,E5,E6,F6.
  15. yamakasy

    dual acc CC / Tdm

    Well theoretically, them use space where could be some none afk strong player, who could give you party, and party buffs like swelling, Ms and other buffs. So in any way it does affect you.