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  1. yamakasy

    Zen Bug..

    Spasibo no dlja menja eto poka na etom servere.. Dobrogo dnja! Thank you but for me this is thats it for this server, good bye!! OverLord
  2. yamakasy

    Zen Bug..

    Update all prices in shops for regular items is like 200-300kk as well so all market npc system is going to waste, so u can sell literally anything for big zen value..
  3. yamakasy

    Zen Bug..

    same sold items worth something for zen, after all zen worth nothing now ? ? ?
  4. yamakasy

    Zen Bug..

    zen bug, tried it my self u take any item no exc +8 or more sell to usual shop and receive 100kk or more a lots of zen!!!!!!!!!!!!! What's happening ? After last update..
  5. yamakasy

    Forum Quest "Memory"

    OverLord/ luxor 1-10 2-20 3-30 4-24 5-15 6-26 7-17 8-28
  6. also noticed today some guys appearing in DS4 after that they disapeared still got zen for it at end of ds ..
  7. yamakasy

    Lottery drop

    Who said I'm not ready to lose ? I did buy this lotteries and I do can afford it, so what is your problem? I'm asking what did got changed since I last played here, cause before it was much more possible to drop something....
  8. yamakasy

    Lottery drop

    by the way dropped 250 lotteries and nothing but a stones 2.5k CP and power buff for 10 days, like wth ? Before would get 50 lottos and could get some noob item, now nothing ... What did u done to lotto ? Just for example in real life situation if u buy 250lottos u will get at least back half of your money, not even talking about chance to win jackpot , meanwhile here its just mad.. After a pause of 2 years didnt played here I come back and want to leave this server again..
  9. yamakasy


    its okay this time i guess, people need to chill more.
  10. yamakasy


    i can provide better screen :))
  11. yamakasy


    Hello, how are u doing guys. I have problem there is 4 empty slots in my bag i cant use. please fix this bug. Server : legion Nick : Casi0
  12. yamakasy

    Phobos x5000

    ^^ i thot u had enough with this server :D
  13. LOL well i know it was wrong, and i am ready to get my punishment! As for you Go cry somewhere else , after merge will teach u some manners !
  14. Watch your mouth kiddo, if you will notice i got my pants like what week ago ? So suck it up and deal i was jut way to strong for u noob!
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