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  1. M4dneSS


    You have problems. Real problems.
  2. M4dneSS

    Forum Quest "Memory"

    M4dneSS / phobos 1- 12 3 - 23 4 -28 6 - 31 32 - 14 7 - 22 19 - 5 22 - 8
  3. M4dneSS


    I see that you are not good at math. *sadface*
  4. M4dneSS


    It was funny how you died from ts.
  5. M4dneSS


    Ah, yes. DeathCrow, that is his second character, was posted, and he got ban only on bk. @Weissmann Do you have a little time to look at this ? I know that you know the rules, and you are neutral. What do you think ?
  6. M4dneSS


    I don t know why the print screens are mixed. I put em' 1 by 1.
  7. M4dneSS


    Did you forget that you were ovewhelmed at first 4.18 ? typer: " Non of the screenshots are made according to rules " typer: " Its expired " weiss: " are you serious or you just pretending to be that fool ? it´s 4.18 nobody gives a fck about date etc -.- what he reported is the "madness cry" everywhere and always... Geez " weiss: " it calls mobbing, and mobbing is not welcome here, its not welcome anywhere " typer: " Ok, i see now. I guess we could issue a warning for this." Let s wait for another admin.
  8. M4dneSS


    I think you are overwhelmed by the situation and you can't give the right sentence. Let s see what the other admins have to say about this. Or you ll mute me by closing this topic too ?
  9. M4dneSS


    How could this be an warning ? It was posted after the " ban " . And those are my pictures that i posted them here: How do you get warning and ban ( 2 sentences ) from the exactly same pictures ???
  10. I don t start shit. I don t even kill people when they are afk, even if i need the spot( quest or smth ) . You can ask anyone. I only do shit when i get shit from players.
  11. We better stop talkin, or i think we will become friends.
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