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  1. DeanMG


    I cant see my ach aswell @Ivan Nebraska
  2. DeanMG

    4.2 /4.7 DarkAngel2

    Can you imagine,Typer once blocked my chat and i wasnt even reported,just in a screen shot. How's that hapened?
  3. At least add something to flame for these 64k. It is really hard to manege 5 people time for good pt party for event. And how many ET events you should finish with 300+ points per event to get 64k points? Maybe change the whole point tab. Add some more boxes for lower points,some kind of service access for ET points.
  4. DeanMG


    What is that lol?
  5. DeanMG

    Wings lvl

    Explain me the easy way how to do that. I have no idea.
  6. DeanMG

    Wings lvl

    Maybe they actually work on 100% even if they are still red. We dont know that. Thats why i am here.
  7. DeanMG

    Wings lvl

    But still its just a guess. I would like to know what is really happening with them when they are red. Are they really give only str,but not def etc. There is no info about that. I think they shouldnt work at all if they are red.
  8. DeanMG

    Wings lvl

    Its ok,consult with each other and find out how to explain this.
  9. DeanMG

    Wings lvl

    So any admin can comment on this?
  10. DeanMG

    Wings lvl

    But anyway it should show that in this case and should be some information about this.
  11. DeanMG

    Wings lvl

    Still strange it would be.
  12. DeanMG

    Wings lvl

    Can someone from admins explain this thing? If wings doesnt work till you get the right level for them after you make the reset or GT,why you still can repair them after pvp,tdm,CC etc? So does they work when they are red or no? If they dont,i think its kind of strange when it still charge zen for repairing,if they dont even work. Any explanation?
  13. Is it some kind of addiction to new servers? Who waits for the new server and why? Is it not enough of these servers what already exist? If you want to start play with a new character,you are welcome to do that. If you want to be good at the beginning,just donate and buy some ready character. What kind of sickness is that? You want them to open the new server every 3 months.
  14. DeanMG


    People say that you use some kind of clicker aswell ^ ^ P.S. I really dont understand this macro,clickers n sht. But why you guys cant play without any cheats? Everyon's so strong with good sets,weapons,jewelery and achiewements. The funniest thing is that these programs users are the top characters.
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