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  1. @BeL4eNaK Approximately the server will launch ... ?
  2. Hello there I just wanted to ask if Arkania update will be First available for the already existing servers (Phobos,Aurora) or is it exclusive for the new one? Also are there any problems? Or everything goes according to plan!?
  3. What is happening with the arkania update tho? also is will be available first in phobos and aurora or it is exclusive only for the new server ?
  4. First of all i am not trying to be aggressive or rude! Second , you did not notice the difference because it is not the same question! I just want to know if there is a chance to give us info about new server sooner , maybe to announce 2 weeks earlier instead of 1. Also don't get me wrong but most of us want this to happen as soon as possible so this post might help! Just suggesting not demanding!
  6. If we check the statistics in bless mu in general we can see that in the long run servers with low rate especially with the lowest possible (x1) stay alive even after years , but this is very risky because most of the new players i believe will probably be scared to try such a server , so the safest strategy here should be from x500 to x5000 but this could end the xglobal project eventually. The good thing is that bless project can now support xglobal project in theory
  7. 28/11/2019 was the last time that new server was launched in this project , this is too much for xglobal community. Most of fans will play anyway no matter when but the thing is that we dont really know what to expect. It'll be very helpful if admins will give us more details in general about "WHEN" before final countdown so we can be prepared for it Anyway this time was good that they told us even of the record , lets hope that everything will be OK and server will be launched without problem at this month like they said!
  8. as soon as it takes
  9. If everything goes according to plan , the new server will be launched next month (thats what she said
  10. How did we end up here ? What the fk is wrong with us In real life people don't fight that often This is happening because we carry real life problems and breakout in MU Just take it sleezy!
  11. He asks if new server will open i suppose on muxglobal becuase he likes Arkania , by the way thats the main topic right now!
  12. Unfortunately it's almost impossible to merge but its also shame and maybe there is a way somehow, the thing is that we don't have a respond from Admins it will be nice if they tell us "IF" we will merge and "WHEN" will we have a fresh start , as I said earlier king was and still is successful and I don't know if the reason for that is Corona or the lack of donateshop but they did manage to "COLLECT all kind of Nationalities" And this is big Summarizing... Admins please let us know whats going on please !
  13. Pfff its so hard , even Destiny and Master have ALL CLASS WINGS and PETS in their SHOPS also DONATES are different its kind of dead end
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