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  1. hmmmm, yeah what will happen to xglobal after merge?
  2. Merge is coming soon, i guess
  3. Thnx for the fast respond. I have 2 last question thought 1.When you think approximately this will happen? 2.Is this the end of xglobal after the merge?
  4. What i am saying is this : is it possible for empire to be transferred in xglobal community to merge here with luxor so we can keep alive xglobal community
  5. + I agree, the server is dead, everyday is the same day 5-6 people trying to unlock achievments or waiting afk every 2 hours to play CC in low lvl, killing some bosses most of the times without opponent. Summarizing... Merge could be a good idea. By the way, is it possible for Empire to merge with Luxor in xglobal community? i know it doesn't feel right but, i dont see any other solution for xglobal community to stay alive!
  6. So disrespectful! I feel sorry for you!
  7. Hello, well today a guy from luxor won JACKPOT and received 500 tickets, he did not even get 1 single good item worth mentioning in ""Best lottery prizes"" sector. Same thing happened 2 weeks ago as you can see in the web ""Best lottery prizes"" Also 1 week ago, again a guy from luxor wanted to delete the game for some reason and he sold everything to buy lottery, again not even a single good item! This means almost 1500 useless lottery tickets wasted. I can understand that this is random and the chance of winning a high grade item is low, but this is too much! Is this normal? Is there anything you can do about it?
  8. T> 2000 Bon + Tax + Flame + Black Fenrir + PP (Under Discussion for how much extra) = Hellion pm here or Mirotic in game!
  9. BackInBlack


    S>Flaming Phoenix Bow+13+ALL + Arrow+12+Rate+2% pm me here or in game Mirotic
  10. B>W3 ELF+11+L+IGNORE or + more=pets/w3/flame/bon/CC boxes/items etc pm me in game Mirotic or send me message here to talk!
  11. Mirotic / Luxor1st round: 4, 3, 1, 6, 82nd round: 1, 53rd round: 4
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