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  1. How did we end up here ? What the fk is wrong with us In real life people don't fight that often This is happening because we carry real life problems and breakout in MU Just take it sleezy!
  2. He asks if new server will open i suppose on muxglobal becuase he likes Arkania , by the way thats the main topic right now!
  3. Unfortunately it's almost impossible to merge but its also shame and maybe there is a way somehow, the thing is that we don't have a respond from Admins it will be nice if they tell us "IF" we will merge and "WHEN" will we have a fresh start , as I said earlier king was and still is successful and I don't know if the reason for that is Corona or the lack of donateshop but they did manage to "COLLECT all kind of Nationalities" And this is big Summarizing... Admins please let us know whats going on please !
  4. Pfff its so hard , even Destiny and Master have ALL CLASS WINGS and PETS in their SHOPS also DONATES are different its kind of dead end
  5. Inferno x5000 could be a nice idea but the thing is that almost no one speaks english there
  6. Inorder to be honest the best idea for the future of muxglobal is to merge Phobos with Destiny x 1000 or Master x1 somehow if this is possible ofcourse (Never with Extreme because server is online for 8 years and 77 days and this is going to be unfair for all the Phobos players) But First things first the next muxglobal server must be without DONATE SHOP like king x100 and something between x200-x1000 because most of the players are scared if the EXP is too low and they will never try
  7. If new server will open and phobos will be merged we all going to be happy
  8. Please let us know if you have something in mind , as i said earlier some people wait for this. I am looking forward to your reply! Thank you!
  9. Its absolutely normal for someone to stay afk in Arkania mate!
  10. You need to make more quests inorder to be able to receive BONUSES from voting
  11. Dear Admins We are waiting for your response !
  12. I couldn't agree more!! That's exactly what my friends and I were talking about. Especially now, due to the coronavirus quarantine, it's the perfect timing. It's very difficult for a new player to start on Aurora or Phobos right now, because both servers are running for a long time and the users have already become like super strong and there is no actual competition. We want a fresh start!
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