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  1. MedaLord

    Forum Quest "Memory"

    -Syst3m- / Phobos 1 - 212 - 93 - 184 - 85 - 276 - 207 - 2517 - 31
  2. i send private message
  3. MedaLord


    I think you shouldn't introduce your family business here BEKA .
  4. MedaLord


    I will tell you something, MadneSS is really poor, helpless, unappealing kid, you are ashamed that people are better than you, and this emotional complex in you, leave people alone, do you realize, all of them swear at you heavily because this is your liking. When you said we got rid of LASHA, someone like you came up with the game. leave people find peace to be human now
  5. MedaLord


    Brighside is Lasha .
  6. MedaLord


    I don't know who wrote this, but you have no right to comment, whatever the punishment of the man, you will give the comment is not your job.
  7. MedaLord

    4.2 , 4.3

    Don't comment on topics you don't know boy
  8. MedaLord

    4.2 , 4.3

    1. my nickname : -sysT3m-2. The game server: phobos3. What is the point of the rules is broken: 4. Name the offender: -SmeKerU- 5.Proff
  9. MedaLord


    CLOSED . Easy man easy .
  10. last one week cash only DL ITEM ONLY MG ITEM ONLY
  11. oh my godness why ?
  12. MedaLord


    then you too are -troika- Let us state all of their accounts.
  13. MedaLord


    write me baby
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