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  1. DK char name: Kakalot after upgrate: char rr 97 >>>93. 3 flames, 1 feather, asylum ashcrow blade and 2 knight blades lost. wing 2 dk +7 >>+0. help me, Please
  2. AkynDL/Phobos A1-B1-C1-C3-D3-D4-E4-E6-F6
  3. toshita

    S/T > SM x5000

    how much helion bro????
  4. toshita

    Pantheon set

    Trade Pantheon set +13 ( or more ) = set Empire +13-15. Pm AkynDL in game.
  5. toshita

    Amin help

    Thank for help!!!
  6. toshita

    Amin help

    in duel, my DL hit dk 924 damege . at Bless arena, hit ilussion of KD 5,6 have 911 damege. can you help how ameliorate it.
  7. toshita

    Amin help

    My acc : DW is cant learn nova and DL is bug damge, can you check my acc is : toshita
  8. toshita


    hi Bro.How much do you sell imperial sword and explosion blade?? i want to buy 1.
  9. toshita

    S > Items x5000

    Do you interest to trade mantle+12+L+ more ( flame or bon ) = your mantle????
  10. toshita

    Selling stuff in X5000

    did you sell wing 3 mg ???
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