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  1. Why>?? Did you see online.???
  2. Can Merge aurora to Egames inferno>???
  3. aurora need to be moved to egames..( Ecanomy is same but pricess diferent- for two dead servers no diferent on the prices-just need totrie make a live server and if than again will be dead, server-can be moved to extrime Phobos-Destiny. bonus diferents its not a biggestt point-because on phobos good option 4LVL wings you spend some 15-30k bonuses on destiny those wings cost 10k bonuses +all . and created w4 cost some 3-4k bonuses.... sou than wee already doubled bonuses just on wings.... rest diferences between gt items its just make a bit up eacanomy to buy new better things..
  4. something goes wrong no bk on acc
  5. for now all items will be at DL immortal inventary. brave set-lightbringer pvp-nightage-shop- 2x rings of wind+12+all-bonus 2x rings of ice+12+all- demon on DL and helion in inventary. bk i will trade after finish days to wait after buy from market.
  6. i can buy from you jevels
  7. saladin


    Chill out Weis... better stay hear not move to inferno... Thay can move aurora there not phobos.
  8. saladin


    inferno cant bee best option omg.. for phoboss.. wee dont have +all wings-sets .. Come one .... https://mu.egames.gs/index.php?page=news
  9. saladin


    We must go on bless but not extrime
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