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  1. Shadow on phobos w4 +ignor cost start from 10k and up..
  2. Emil.. if here was grand shop than its bit broblematy.. but here..all bitems is from shop and its dosnt metter from wich ACC... Dont be rud .. stop writte bulshit. .Respect your self..
  3. saladin

    Lottery drop

    350 lottery on Aurora and best winning on items is red fenrir it is normal>???
  4. i spend on phobos about some 25-30k lotery and get lord scepter
  5. Struggle with zen>? now wee have rudolp. How? long time ago players doe resets without klikers and rudolph>? Now admins made easy Mu gameplay. Zen acanomy was always struggle on Belkas and Shan projects. 200 resets its best.
  6. x100 and fo stats. Like was on bless seson 2 . No +all shop Maby wings can be +all GT shop could be not +all items but just random options with lack gan get +all ( items+5-6 opt) total fo items. Drop could be a bit similar like was on bless seson 2. normal anc drop from mobs in spots. Grade depends from mobs grades. Sou than everyone have chance to get acient sets. Make more quests ore get like 100 quest than need to make grand ress to start doe next qests. Grand res can make like from 50 ress. To get fo stats - need to make for example- 3 grand resets - feel all quests and get max resets.
  7. saladin


    Lanzy.?:D sirious.?:D man go find job stop doing shit
  8. saladin

    4.2 , 4.8 Arogant

    relax admins can blok just heas acc not my..
  9. Summer coming ; soon will be much quaet than now
  10. saladin

    4.2 , 4.8 Arogant

    Man saladin is my char not arogant stop writte shit on me
  11. Maby merge us to phobos.?:) make all items from shop with normal options and all will be happy and not sou many work about merge aurora to extrime
  12. Shadow? who normal Player like play with him self.???? Can you answer?
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