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  1. Good lack Ivan tnx for good doing your job.
  2. 1.Stormbreak PvP, +13 2. duelist PvP+13 3. dancer shop+13 4. 3x ice rings GT+12 5. erth GT +12 6. 2x wind rings GT+12 6. water pendant shop, water GT+13 7. fire ring +15 shop 8. lightening shop+15 9. Mg w2+13 pvp. Trade all in one time.
  3. i got everithink, now just wait till collect bonuses for email change
  4. email i will change after i wil collect bonuses for change
  5. -Saladin- + lot of charters-Aztec- + acc .. lot of jevels, gt rings and pendants.. all i can show in game. iterested aurora good offers
  6. Trade bk aurora -Saladin- + acc ( aall can be after merge bonus return) lot of jevels- extra items on sm , mg .and on extrime have pvp brave set- 2x dragonblades (shop) pvp ring of wind. 4lvl wings+13+all, demon. interested good offer on phobos + dl -saladin- on muegames .. all goes in one good offer
  7. saladin


    Wings can stay and make update on shop.Same u on Master and destiny
  8. saladin


    Best what keep server be a live its non donat sets atleast... Alvays some one need to farm items-craft items and hope coz some day will get best options
  9. saladin


    We can start with move aurora to phobos. if will need return +all sets- wee can leave atleast +all wings. Upgrade shop and everyone will be happy
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