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  1. ZurC

    Seraph Pet creation

    thank you for information Skeromil.
  2. ZurC

    Seraph Pet creation

    The red one.
  3. ZurC

    Seraph Pet creation

    Hi guys, I'm trying to create Seraph pet but without success. I have all requirements to do that as you can see. Could you tell me what i'm doing wrong? bellow the 4 steps Best regards,
  4. ZurC

    Doubt about Achievements

    Thank you for ur answers. Yes, i bought
  5. ZurC

    Doubt about Achievements

    I have a doubt about Quest master Achievements. My account has 3 characters with teh following Quests made Zurc 281 Noky 232 emanon 145 My question is: Wasn't the achievements supposed to be closed?