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  1. ZurC

    4.9 Deagle, 4LAN8ZI

    if you click on the video you can see the date/hour when it was recorded.
  2. ZurC

    4.9 Deagle, 4LAN8ZI

    1. my nickname : ZurC2. The game server: x30 Aurora3. What is the point of the rules is broken: 4.9 4. Name the offender: Deagle, 4LAN8ZII 5. Proof: https://youtu.be/ogNVvHVLLNw This shows Deagle's and 4LAN8ZII pacifity towards Hannibal's attacks. In this video you can see quite clearly how Deagle and 4LAN8ZII gives Hannibals points. Rule 4.9 broken. Merry christmas and happy new year
  3. ZurC

    4.9 ZurC,Marko

    Dear Admins, A situation that may be influencing your decision is the slowness of my PC. As the video I made in the last TDM proves. https://youtu.be/ogNVvHVLLNw Merry christmas and happy new year
  4. ZurC

    4.9 ZurC,Marko

    Dear Admins, I don't know what that girl or boy wants. As you can see in the video I try to kill Marko without success. Most of the deaths of this event were from the complainant I only killed 1 time. I still have a weak character without having chances with the best players. I take this opportunity to wish you all a merry christmas and happy new year without exception and Guys!! This is just a game. ZurC
  5. sry, i didn't check the news, u can close this topic. thank you
  6. Hi guys, when i try to logon my character "nono" in game, the message is "Your account is invalid". I also tried in site and the message is the same. Can u check what is happen with my character. the name in game is "leonor"
  7. ZurC

    Seraph Pet creation

    thank you for information Skeromil.
  8. Hi guys, I'm trying to create Seraph pet but without success. I have all requirements to do that as you can see. Could you tell me what i'm doing wrong? bellow the 4 steps Best regards,
  9. Thank you for ur answers. Yes, i bought
  10. I have a doubt about Quest master Achievements. My account has 3 characters with teh following Quests made Zurc 281 Noky 232 emanon 145 My question is: Wasn't the achievements supposed to be closed?
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