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  1. Ciuchi karina

    Rules 4.6

    My nickname: DarkAngel2 Game Server: Phobos Which rule was violated: 4.6 Nickname of offender : https://muxglobal.com/en/index.php?page=info&act=getchar&name=Valathe&serv=server5 Proof:
  2. oh, really ?!! now you are on the bridge after 2 sec your not how is possible?
  3. Ciuchi karina


    My nickname: DarkAngel2 GAME Server: Phobos Violating Rules: 2.2 Nickname of offender: WhteWalkr | Information | MUX Global MU Online EYE ON BK! Proof: main_2021-02-20_22-19-42-358_Trim.mp4
  4. My name: DarkAngel2 Server: Phobos Rules 4.12 The only language that is allowed to be used in POST global messaging is English. In private, guild and party messaging players can use any language they want. Proof:
  5. Ciuchi karina


    Really she is like a kid?! But you?! You don.t have social live. Your live is this game. All your money is in this game. You want to impress a girl with this game:)) To make a familly in game?
  6. yes i'm agree with turcu because last night kill my caracter in Silent Grount with KessLer....
  7. We are agree with this!
  8. DarkAngel2/Phobos A1-A2-A3-B3-C3-C4-C5-D5-D6-E6-E5-F5-F6
  9. Ciuchi karina


    My nickname: DarkAngel2 Game server: Phobos Which rule clause was violated: 4.9 Nickname of offender: Versace | Information | MUX Global MU Online -WaNsOn- | Information | MUX Global MU Online Is not the first TDM when he bring another caracter in TDM. He wants to make frags..but not like this.
  10. A1-B1-B2-C2-D2-D3-D4-E4-E5-F5-F6 DarkAngel2/Phobos
  11. Corect ...asta este drept rasplata ! tot ei te provoaca tot ei se plang pe forum.
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