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  1. orltii

    phobos 4.18

    Please chat ban Xryst - really offensive player Hope he gets beeened - to taste his own medicine - allways provokes people to later report on forum Fingers crossed 🤞
  2. orltii

    phobos 4.18

    Ban all of them - they ruin the reputation of MUX and its like this every day. Total nonsense Imagine what new players think :D:D::D - That just proper retards play here - or is that the highest point of RU mentality ? hmm ?
  3. orltii

    A fantasy

    Phobos - would be nice if they implemented decreased achievement system. So new players can achieve top tier player levels faster and don't leave when they realize that they cant do nothing against old bucks Like - evaluate how many people have max achievements - lets say achievement ''KILL 2500 HAPPY POUCHES'' - 10 people finished = drops by 10(just an example so you get the point ) And so on on all others achievements - just keep like the essential - like quest etc.
  4. orltii

    A fantasy

    I'm new player and playing like a month - my conclusion after 1 month in game = I hit a muxglobal wall of boredoom , fuk all to do in server ... bosses hold top players so for newbies there is fuk all to do and takes 100 times longer to get decent gear etc. - and not talking about wings op players hold CC so rip to make wings aswell. Probably will stick around for few more weeks and farewell
  5. orltii

    SS Phobos

    Can we just Go with prison rules and rape Xryst for snitching ?
  6. So basicly what is asking - if the 59% can be the new 100% lol this guys is funny For me item +L burned 5 times in a row making to +9 - whats the %% ? I bet if you try different item - the outcome will be the same - cuz ur unlucky
  7. orltii

    Item gone from virtual vault

    yes all good.... dunno what happend there
  8. orltii

    Item gone from virtual vault

    reloged and item found - in vault where poped fail msg
  9. orltii

    Item gone from virtual vault

    Hi Can you please check where my item is ? I did take it from guild vault - when moved to game vault i had no space in 1 of the vaults and it popped msg - failed to move item and now the item is gone . Acc - orltii Char - LeDong 18.01.2020 09:54 MeAreThere shared Excellent Dark Steel Helm +13 for
  10. orltii

    2 chars stuck HEEELP

    ALL good needed to relaunch launcher?
  11. orltii

    2 chars stuck HEEELP

    Can you help - i have 2 chars buged It doesn't let me teleport to Davias 1st time - Char LeDong - 400lvl pressed teleport to Davias - insta kicked out ot game - loging back on sellecting char and insta game closes - made rr and tried with 250+lvl same result tried 2nd char - Orltii - same think kicked out of game and cant log back on Acc- orltii chars as above Please help Ty