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  1. luuuzak

    Forum Quest "Memory"

    spirtagan / aurora 2-25 3-19 4-17 5-26 7-21 9-33 11-31 13-30
  2. Spirtagan / aurora A1-A2-A3-B3-C3-D3--D4-D5-E5-E6-F6
  3. luuuzak | Aurora a1 - a2 - b2 - b3 - b4- b5 - c5 - d5 - d6 -e6 -f6-
  4. luuuzak

    Phobos 4.2

    The word "kurwa" is very, very tricky : ) As you can see in the video that i attached above. Mostly it is used to emphasize the importance of something. Basicly this word can be considered as offensive if someone would say; " Ty kurwo" - which means "You whore" Hope i helped you, have a great weekend. : )
  5. luuuzak

    Phobos 4.2

    Guys, im from poland, i have nothing connected with this case, but i want to say something if i may : ) Word "kurwa" have like a thousand of meanings, all depands when/how/where this word is pressed, there is even a lot of legends about this word, but let's focus on this case. Literally in the whole chat he said: - Mustang - this is looking so sick x D - what an army the second guy, was ironic and said: - this is looking shitty Basicly they didn't want to offend anyone : )) Something about that legendary word:
  6. luuuzak | Aurora 2 - 12 34 - 17 6 - 10 22 - 13 16 - 31 24 - 14 33 - 18 25 - 4
  7. Hey, I would like to buy MG on Aurora, all offers here pls : )
  8. luuuzak

    EXP Bug

    Hey, About 3weeks ago i bought VIP acc for 1week, i was farming on bless arena back then and i was getting (with VIP) about 110-135k exp, now in the same spot, with VIP again im getting 50-70k(attaching screen). Why is there such a huge exp different? Is it possible that before 20th reset i was getting more reset than after 20th? If someone could tell me where i can find screens of mu folder on PC i would probably can proove, how much more i did get exp before
  9. 1dt blue baller XD Q: close, and remember to add nick/server to answer
  10. I failed 10 helms to +10/11 in 3 days, even when they all was +luck and i had 75% chance to upgrade. Unlucky that's all. Ps where can i report that im not a son of some bilioner ?
  11. Is it virtual reality headset? Like oculus rift ?
  12. can you call with it? Q: Perhaps
  13. Is it something installed on device? like computer/smartphone? Q: No
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