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    Forum Quest "Treasure hunt"

    a1-a2-a3-b3-c3-c2-d2-d3-d4-e4-e3-f3-f4-f5-f6 Miglanc / Legion
  2. miglanc

    Guilds with MAX 10-12ppl - Legend Server

    I thought the problem lied only with people who play on legion who bully low res players and camp everything 24/7 killing any1 who even tries to catch up.... now i see the whole community of these servers is toxic af. What a sad reality
  3. miglanc

    Guilds with MAX 10-12ppl - Legend Server

    Funny isnt it man? A donator justifies his actions thats rich. Players who arent paying up for +15 items to fight him are not valuable. Fckin hell im speechless.
  4. miglanc

    4.2 / Legion / Miglanc

    Yeah people leave because they have weak nerves. No it's because nobody wants to deal with that kind of people after a day of work. They come to play game to relax instead they have to deal with 30 years olds mental children so they leave and go play something else or somewhere else.
  5. miglanc

    4.2 / Legion / Miglanc

    Finally i even encouraged him to make this post as im tired of this shit. Ban me i dont give a fck ive not donated fck loads of money on some backwater server and now have to cling to it. I didnt play this game for over a decade and by luck i googled mu and found this sever. It was fun at the beggining until people like legion and sunshine guild came. Nobody can do anything, not even zen farm afk cuz these motherfuckers kill everybody overnight. Everything is being dominated by bunch of wallet warriors. There is no fun to be found on th1s shit server and its a darn shame as ive never seen so much effort put into creating a server like that only for it to fail miserably because of bunch of mentally challenged 30 year olds. i dont care what u think this is somewhat frustration post by playing on this server. Ban me if u wish im done with this server anyway, good job sunshine uve reached ur goal. this server is doomed and will die within 2 months. bye