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  1. Quattro

    T>SM x5000

  2. Quattro

    T>SM x5000

  3. Quattro

    T>SM x5000

    T> 216 res sm full qv ichor+15, w3 +14+ignor+return, GS shield+13+fo(pvp), crystall staff 13 fo , seraph = any offer.
  4. Quattro

    phobos deal 11111

    Trade has been done successfully Thank you
  5. 1)phobos x5000 2) my nick- Quattro 3) other party : Cherlynnnn 4) we are trading with the characters. I have Quattro (MG) mayhem +15, storm breaker +13+fo +pvp, imperial +13+fo+pvp, w3 +12+L+return +hellion. Cherlynnnn has: ichor +15, crystal staff +13+fo, grand soul shield +13+fo+pvp, w3+14+ignor+return + seraph. 5) We willl place our chars on the market with the password for 10+tax bons, i will give a password first, once Cherlynnnn buys my MG (with all items i mentioned) he will give me a password of his SM(with all items i mentioned)
  6. Quattro

    SD potions.

    very true.
  7. Quattro

    SD potions.

    I agree with you, If they won’t be removed i guess would be fair to stack SD potions as well) It won’t change anything or bring imbalance, as i said it’s a question of a comfort.
  8. Quattro

    SD potions.

    Then would be honest to unstack also the elite hp pots isn’t? Whoever uses SD pots will still use them stackable or not, it’s just a question of comfort
  9. Quattro

    SD potions.

    admins, would be great if you would change the settings on SD potions so we can mix them up. Now is very uncomfortable to carry full inventory of them as they cannot be mixed up together
  10. Quattro

    Phobos->bless deal.

    I have sent pp also i received account and all items. I will reply on the middle of the april (latest) once i receive email information
  11. 1) Phobox x5000 2) Buyer login: thecrims20 3) Im buying ynsyk acc (phobos) with 188 achievements + pendant of fire+13+all, pendant of wind+13+all, ring of ice +13+all, ring of wind+13+all, ring of fire+15+all, ring of fire+13+all. 4) i will pay for that all 1k pp to MU.bless enotik17 account. 5) Seller logins: ynsyk phobos , enotik17 (mu.bless KING) 6) i will transfer 1k pp to enotik17 account (mu.bless) first, once he receives them he will give me a password from account ynsyk(phobos) which has all those items there. On the middle of the april i will receive EMAIL from this account as well ( with password and back up information )
  12. Quattro

    Phobos deal !

    Thank you, we made a trade. Once saladin replies back, this topic can be closed
  13. 1)phobos x5000 2) Quattro 3) Trading DLPOWER which has (empire set +L+14+8%, royal scepter+13+all+pvp, royal protector+13+all, elite horse) 4) I'm trading DLPOWER to MGpower chars, MGpower has on him (mayhem+13+l, storm breaker+13+pvp+all, imperial sword+13+all, phantom shield+13+all, Helion) 5)Saladin 6) we both made new characters, i name it DLPOWER, Saladin name it MGpower, we going to put those chars on market on password, i will give password first, once he buys DLpower with all items, he will give me a password to buy MGpower wich has all those items.
  14. Quattro

    Trade Quattro for MG

    https://muxglobal.com/index.php?page=info&act=getchar&name=Quattro&serv=server5 Not selling for bonuses or pp, only trade to MG