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  1. I done already reset one friend help me with that. Thank you TheAce anyway
  2. VeryMuch could you give me for reset zens? In Dungeon i have 200 zens from mob........... Could somebody fix my stats or just make reset my char? Cheers
  3. Hey, I have a problem with my char and zen. I have 182 reset 400lvl but my stats are really low just 1k stats to add from base and I cannot make a reset because in inventory my char has just 13kk. What i should do know ?:D I thought to sell jewels in npc but now jewel of life cost 1kk and because my char i really weak i cannot collect zens from mobs. Any suggestions?:D
  4. Hey Many players stop playing because our "professional players" make it harder for them to live on the server, and starting for a new player is not easy, without a Guild and a chance to party, because what I notice is difficult to find any guild when you are beginner. Another thing is the quest system, for example Kill 5 red dragon, is really difficult to do when RED DRAGON almost always spawns in the same place where, PRO RUS players are already waiting and killing everyone and if you will not know about this cords you will not have chance to found 5 red dragons, which is why this quest is harder to do, and because of that you don't get any reward for voting what means: No reward for voting = no bonuses, no motivation ,go down in rankings = less new players etc. Invasion should by more often in my opinion and golds mobs etc should respawn every time in different location. Of course is nothing bad in being pro player, but guys remember if you will pk new players do not give them even a chance to build their char, make quests etc. they will not have fun from playing so many of them will stop and later you will complain server die. Another thing, so many people finish playing after max rr, in server is nothing special to do for them, maybe after 101rr for each reset should be some reward in bons? or maybe maxrr 150 but exp from 101 to 150 is 1x? It is my quick ideas no bad feelings to anyone
  5. Hey I have problem with Virtual Vault. I do not know how to remove items from Virtual Vault to Game Vault. I do not see any options like remove to game vault, and it is funny because i remove to virtual vault already many items but i do not see any options how i can take it back to Game Vault. Thanks for Help
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