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  1. Method

    SS Phobos.

    It's not fake acc. U can see in yesterday quest that i have no problem to say who im ingame..
  2. Method

    SS Phobos.

    Meanwhile , kebab is insulting and forbiden word in MUX it's pathetic
  3. Method

    Forum quest – “Rebus”

    ok ok
  4. Method

    Forum quest – “Rebus”

    Skeromil/Phobos Lightbringer I'll make different 3rd rebus in a moment
  5. Method

    Forum quest – “Rebus”

    Skeromil/Phobos Devil Square Q: Correct! 2 wins - 60 bons and let others win now
  6. Method

    Forum quest – “Rebus”

    Skeromil/Phobos Skull shield Q: Wrong!
  7. Method

    Forum quest – “Rebus”

    Skeromil/Phobos Crusted Ashcrow 1. rebus Q: Correct!
  8. Method

    [23.10.2019] - Jewelry craft and top earners

    Not working for me then..i didn't get anything https://ctrlv.cz/wI6f 60 was added by admin manually
  9. Method

    [23.10.2019] - Jewelry craft and top earners

    10% additional reward for refferals isn't working at all. Was it only temporary?
  10. Method

    BAG DS

    Lasted only 6 minutes..