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  1. noticable


    Sometimes people just don't think twice/properly, before they jump into conclusion such as below I mean, so what he was given R.O and couldn't re-upload the video in that topic? Don't he have any friends to help upload in the topic on his behalf? Or simply sending the video in PM? Or even what he did previously, like commenting on the topic with another forum account? And it is also very simple that, giving a second chance of editing and re-uploading that video doesn't mean you will not be punished - giving just R.O Even though I have no idea what punishment he will receive if he refused to edit and re-upload that video.
  2. noticable


    If you don't know, the purpose of asking you to delete the old video, and edit a new one to upload is to minimize ur punishment instead of giving you just R.O. Think twice before you really write here
  3. noticable


    I also don't understand, if what you were saying is right, and so correct. But, you are still opening a topic and talking about nonsenses, as well as jumping into your own conclusions with your own context. On top of that, you don't want people to spam here. Ironically, you, yourself opened a topic here asking why, but when people give you their answers you ask them to stop spamming. What exactly do you want? Funny
  4. noticable


    I really don't know if you guys are blind or simply retarded. You guys really can't see that administration made that decision, as well as stating the very important point "nickname was written incorrectly"?