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  1. defmmm

    Cheap bonuses x1000

    I want to sell 2147 bonuses on x1000 for 500 bonuses on x100 king server bless mu
  2. defmmm

    Selling pvp SM LEGION

    For sale is this character: https://muxglobal.com/index.php?page=info&act=getchar&name=-DEVIL-&serv=server4 I am interested in PP in zgames.
  3. defmmm

    x1000 exp

    Oh gawd haha, thanks
  4. defmmm

    x1000 exp

    I could not find any info about exp when I reach 100 resets, what exp it will be, and next reset 101 when i will do tribute what exp will be then? TIA
  5. defmmm

    B>>> in Legion Sm or BK with good RR and Set

    What items,set,staff? Nickname?
  6. defmmm


    Hi everyone, where can I find kalima+3 or +4, where does it drop?