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  1. basically if merge all you people who have all the top items, will become like worth nothing
  2. ye merge us with extereme x5000 they say the economy of MUXGlobal is nothing compared to mu.bless.gs Just go ocassionally get lvl 3 wings ahahhaahahaha
  3. what do you smoke, I would like some too...
  4. Yellow


    you need to do certain amount of quests before voting.
  5. probably due to 3rd party application that he use to "dance" in game
  6. what competition you are talking about, open new server and same players will dominate eventually, it is obvious that you will be in same crying position in less than 2 weeks.
  7. Yellow


  8. 1. Yellow, GA10047, Phabos2. Won in Lottery3. After merge from Legion to Phabos, mentioned in other topic but haven't been resolved yet.4. Didn't move with merge.5. 15 day Power Buff, not full amount was remaining on the day of merge.6. No
  9. 1. Yellow, GA10047, Phabos.2. Bought from Services3. Between 21:00 22.03.2020 and 20.31 23.03.20204. Simply gone.5. Purchased 400 cash points and bought scroll of defence, no other purchase were made, so should have had 200 remaining (possibly some used to clear PK, but not 200 for sure). 6. No
  10. In addition to missing power buff that has been won in lotto, there are 200 bought stats missing after the reset that had to be done with no choice.
  11. Power buff that has been won in lotto for 15 days is missing (not full 15 days are missing).
  12. Yellow

    FURIOUS x5000

    can I join after merge? https://muxglobal.com/index.php?page=info&act=getchar&name=Yellow&serv=server4
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