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  1. Your stats can affect your leveling big time... Especially when you are just a beginner, putting on stats randomly can give you a hard time getting a reset. I had this problem as well. I started with my Elf>Agility type, but putting on 1k Str and 1k Agi which was so wrong because I had a low defense rate and can not farm on good high level farm spots. It took me 1.5 day/s to get a reset. I'm an elf user so I can only give you the stats I use for my Elf>Agi and Elf>Buff type 0 Reset Elf>Agi type=Str 150-200, Agi 2000+ 0 Reset Elf>Ene(Buff/Healer)= Str 200, Agi 350, Vit 700, Ene 700 (Iris set + Legendary Shield + Kris) Here are some tips I can offer for starters. 1. Gear-Your gear/set is a big help when dealing with mobs. If you do not have a reset yet, it's best to get Rank 2 set(Dragon, Guardian, Legendary). These sets have decent defense and requires less stats. Remember that stats are scarce and is hard to get when you hit level 300. Equipping Rank 2 sets will give you a minimal usage of your precious stats. Wings are also a need when starting out. You can buy them or you can make your own if you have 2 chaos. If you get a different wing, don't worry you can always swap it with other players. #credits @Arthur for the guide. #credits @Arthur for the guide. 1.A. Try equipping weapons with Life+Mana acquisition rate. This will help you in leveling without the hustle of going back and forth just to buy potions. 2.B. Accessories( Rings, Pendant) are great equips as well. They are part of a set so you might not want to miss out on buying them. I recommend you buy excellent accessories with good options since they are a big help. 2. Jewels/Zen-This is the most basic monetary unit for all xGlobal MU players. Be advised that spending your zen properly can help you save to get that set from your wish list. There are many ways to acquire zen and the best way to do it is to play along with market value. Some people sell stuff and jewels in market just to make easy money not knowing the real value of what they are selling. It is really easy to distinguish rare items from ordinary ones. Rare items are item you do not see when hunting your regular mobs. 2.A. Try buying rush jewels/items and sell them for original price. 2.B. Try hunting/crafting dungeon items. Some players are rather lazy to make their own dungeon tickets or they might not have the time to do so. You might be able to sell a ticket for 20kk from your 5kk worth jewel of chaos. Not bad of a deal right? Try to save Symbol of Kunduns, because that thing you think is trash might be somebody else's treasure. 2.C. Skills. You might think players selling skills are rather dumb but no. It is true that these are not rare items, but for beginners they are. Take note that these players are eager to get stronger and the best way to help them is to give them an easy access to the skills they need to farm. But everything comes with a price. Get rich or get stronger? Why not both! Enjoy you journey guys!
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